What’s Your Perspective?

Happy Sunday guys. It's been a while. I'll just get right to talking about what I've got today and not annoy you with long talk. Let's get to reading then, shall we?? There's always been disagreement when it comes to perspective. Whether the glass is half full or it's half empty. Perspective always seems like … Continue reading What’s Your Perspective?


My Mentor In A Scandal?! (REPOST)

Happy Sunday guys. It's been a while I know.... Sighs I'm not even gonna dwell on it. I've been thinking about this particular thing, these past few weeks and just when I was about to draw the curtains on the topic, I read a post. And in reality that was the conclusion I drew. So … Continue reading My Mentor In A Scandal?! (REPOST)

Christian Mythology

Happy Sunday People. Of course my condolences goes out to the injured and those who passed in yesterday's disaster. Let's just get to reading then, shall we? No long talk. Imagine a world filled with glory and love for Zeus or Ra or Horus. So much awe and worship given to all these gods. It existed … Continue reading Christian Mythology

My Window’s Experience

Happy Wednesday people. And a happy new month to y'all. I'm glad to be back. Belated happy birthday to Angel Ackah, Priscilla Allotey and to Emmanuella Acheampomaa Acheampong. You guys rock. Let's get to reading then shall we? I've been having these thoughts quite lately. Been asking questions of why we go through the things … Continue reading My Window’s Experience

Review of Dear Future Wife Video

A stunning representation of a brilliantly put together piece of poetry; putting it mildly, that is... The poetic display was refreshing to say the least. The deep baritone voice, the smooth, synth background music; it was simply… Splendid! Nicely Done. And I felt a part of the video from start to finish. From the props used to the camera angles to the transitions; everything was just enough to feel a part of the video.

Acceptance… Divine Acceptance!

Happy Wednesday peeps! It's wonderful to keep coming your way week after week. Oh and Belated Happy New month too! Here's to all my silent readers and the ones who PM me when there's been silence on the blog for a while. You guys are the real MVP'S. Thank you so much. I'm happy to … Continue reading Acceptance… Divine Acceptance!

The Art of Spending

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm back! Did you miss me? Of course you did. Lol... Thanks for holding out the door for me. My return is not glorious without you. Work took me away a while but I'm back and school will be resuming soon. Let's just hope for the best ok? Bless! I wrote this back in … Continue reading The Art of Spending