The Wedding Ringer

Photo Credit: Google


Hi guys. This is my first post. I pray that the thoughtful family on will grow. Happy reading guys!

Language has always been a barrier. It is now, always has been and forever will be. So this wedding was supposed to be like super simple. Like no decor or any such human nonesense. Me? As usual I’m just blending in. Trying not to get caught texting. You know how these ushers get. Crazy, right?

Fast forward to the immediate future of that past. So the pastor tells the groom to repeat after him and I sh*t you not guys. Here’s what I heard:

P: I, mention your name
G: I, he mentions his name 

P: Do take thee mention bride’s name 

G: Do take tea mentions bride’s name 

P: To be my lovely wedded wife

G: To be my… Turns out the guy is from Kumasi. No offence though but here’s where it gets interesting

P: To love and to hold

G: To… Well he didn’t say “rove”. Which was shocking

P: In health and in sickness

G: *He said the past tense of sickness. Which is freaky because according to all my English teachers, “sickness” is not a verb *

P: For richer and for poorer

G: You know what? I’m done! It’s bad enough I’m laughing at someone. I can’t sit here and relive that traumatic moment.

My point is, can’t we just get the vows said in our local dialects? Just an ignorant guy, asking a very valid question.

Thanks for reading guys. Lemme know what you think. Leggo!

*P- Pastor

*G- Groom

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