5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep1

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Hey guys! So I got lots of feedback on the posting days and while some were undecided, the majority went with Wednesdays and Sundays. You’re probably asking why I’m posting on a Friday. Well, let’s not ask questions we don’t have answers to, alright? This is a new series I’m starting and I’m dedicating it to all those who commented on my previous posts, those who shared and the new readers. Bless you all! Now to the story.

Our elders say that an erected penis has no conscience. At least at the moment when things were looking up for Phyllis and I, Fidelis came into the picture. I mean how is it even possible? Especially when I was prepping myself for the biggest decision of my life? I was going to ask Phyllis to be my girlfriend and just about the same time, I realised I liked Fidelis.

Fidelis wasn’t much of a talker. I met her a couple of times in my exam room but I never really took notice. Not until her hair caught my attention! Literally! Gosh! It was so natural and I could feel its softness even from the far end of the room where I sat. It was curly and its colour danced between black and brown. The kind of colour I was never taught in kindergarten. Oh my! It was beau-ti-ful! I noticed every other beautiful thing about her much later but her hair, her hair was just… Breathtaking.

It’s silly I know. Falling because of her hair. But Adam fell for far less-an apple. It’s the beauty of this thing-you humans call it love. The trivialities and details are what grab your attention before your notice all the other attractions and the more glaring traits. Fidelis was one of a kind.

I had to take her number. Yes!… Very necessary! It was our last paper and if I didn’t do it now? Let’s just say it would mean four (4) months of spontaneous thoughts about her. The past few days hadn’t been easy at all. And to even think of 4… Months?! Thinking about her without even trying. It would be torture! I had to take her number.

I wasn’t even concerned with my paper anymore. I was done anyway and reading over never really excited me. There was only one thing on my mind and well she was sitting two columns to my left.


I wasn’t even paying attention to what the boys were discussing. Just intermittently passing my remarks or agreeing to whatever gibberish they were talking about. My attention was scattered every where on campus but their discussion. I was looking for a one-arm Kente bag or a navy blue polo top or just hair-really beautiful brownish-blackish hair. I wasn’t finding any and well I was just dreading the future. I missed her al… Oh the she was. You beautiful devil, you! You almost gave me a heart attack. I finally understand what that boy meant in his song heart attack-Jason Derulo or is it Durelo? Definitely not Dumelo cos that goes with John. I’ll check later.

Eyebrows fleeking? Check. Breath on point? Not so check but chale, I can work around it. Sweat? Thank God I brought a handkerchief. Check. What else? Oh sh*t!! Why did my shoes have to be dusty? And they say the first noticeable thing about a person is their shoes. But I noticed her hair first.. So? I’ll just make sure she doesn’t look down. Half British, Quarter American, Quarter Ghanaian accent? Triple Double Check. Switch from puppy cute face to super hot flirty face? Check and checking! 

With that out of the way, it all came down to my super model runway walk. I’d rehearsed my lines a thousand times over so I pretty much knew all the possible ways the conversation could go. There was only one way to find out…
Thanks for making it this far. Let’s meet in the comment section. Before that, share the story with someone if you liked it. See ya!

15 thoughts on “5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep1

  1. Well good staff
    Flexible,creative and attractive way of writing
    Am impressed cos I couldn’t stop reading till de end
    Keep it up
    #hope it was all u#


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