5 Ass 3 Reb Ep 02

Happy Sunday people. Looks like the thoughtful family is growing steadily. Thank you guys so much for the feedback. I’m particularly happy because we reached 100 likes on Facebook already. Join the family and like the page. This post is dedicated to Henrietta. Thanks for the artwork girl. 💓. If you didn’t start with us, you can catch up here. Now to the story.

“Eric!” I heard it the first time but I just needed to be sure. Why does the devil choose the worst time to ruin a person’s life? I knew who it was and the second call of my name confirmed my worst nightmare- Efua. Efua was overbearing and she had told me she liked me. And she was the best friend of Fidelis. Somehow, much like every other guy, it was a feather in my cap, but I only wanted to keep her just in case. It’s a guy thing. Like friend zone yourself and come out when there’s no other viable option. I had managed to avoid her the whole semester and even during exams. She had to show up when I was going to ask Fidelis for her number. Speaking of Fidelis, I couldn’t see her anymore. Time to face my demon, I guess. 

“Hi, Efua. It’s nice seeing you.”

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were avoiding me”

Clearly she didn’t know any better.

“Why would I do that?”

I had to think of something fast. Real fast. I didn’t want to complicate things. “Have you seen Francis today, Efua?”

Francis! The only person I could count on to take a fall for me. I had told Efua that Francis was head over heels in love with her and well since she wasn’t making headway with me, she opted for him instead. But like I said, she was overbearing and wanted more-me. Francis on the other hand just enjoyed the show. It excited him actually.

“No! Is he looking for me?”

“Yes, Efua. There He is.” I was pointing in no particular direction but somehow it was the right one. Just then, I saw Fidelis and she was walking up to me. Oh God of miracles.

Picture credit: Henrietta Nortey

As Efua turned to leave, Fidelis leaned in for a hug when she was close enough. For best friends they had some odd thing going on. Not even a hi to each other but who cares? My hormones were peaking. A hug from my crush and I hadn’t even said two words to her. I think she liked me too. 

“Hello Fidelis.”

“Hello Eric.” She smiled. Ok quick! Switch from super hot to puppy cute face. Errrrrh…  What was it that came after she responded? Herh! How can I forget the words?! Oh lord! 

Look down. No wait! She’ll see your shoes. But you can’t keep looking at her face like that. Errrrhhhhh… Think fast! I couldn’t even T to talk last of H-I-N-K. The struggle was real. I’d prefer hitting my little toe against a door frame. Errrrr…

What is happening? 

A for Apple

B for Ball… Take your phone out. Yes! Who’s the smartest, awesomest… Never mind. 

“Can I have your number?” Please say no! Wait, what?! Those weren’t my thoughts. That was probably the devil passing by. Get thee behind me Satan! 

“Sure. Why not?” All jokes aside guys, I think the girl liked me. It was the longest few minutes of my life, sure, but this was way too easy.
Now that we settled how I got her number, let’s just cut to the chase. Of course I didn’t just turn around on the ball of my left foot and leave after I got her number. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t. What are you? The love police?!

The following four (4) months were great. Putting it mildly, that is. Turned out we were a lot alike in thought. And there were more attractive features than her hair. Not to downplay the awesomeness of her hair but cmon, you can’t really build your foundation on that. She could cut her hair or braid or something, then I’ve got nothing.

Phyllis on the other hand, was gorgeous. Coca-Cola figure 8. Not too little brez not too wide hips and the bottoz was WhatsApp perfect emoji (👌). I’d known her since childhood. Not know as in know. Just hello-hi kinda know.I had only known her for like the last 12 months or so. (Saying a year really undermines the effect of the time frame). She had her flaws and was annoyingly irritating (just for the effect), but she was lovely and kind and sweet and she had the craziest ideas. And I was gonna make her my girl. I had made up my mind!…
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