On Valentine’s Day 

​Hey there thoughtful family, I am so excited to be writing this blog mainly because this

 blog has been a long time coming. It took a lot of pushes amidst procrastination, disappointment and heartbreaks to get here but hey! We’re finally here! And ten thoughts is here to stay. So before I move on, I have to give a special shout out to a certain group of people who have contributed to me finally getting off my butt to write. Well first there’s the El Supremo, God. He’s the reason we’re living and chale and he’s the source of all inspiration. Then there’s my parents who encouraged my love for reading at such a young age. How could I forget Abigail Yarry?, she believes in my aspirations more than I do. Oh and my big boss Jeffter,for giving me this opportunity in the first place and being on my case till I finally did something. I owe you a solid. And to all other bloggers out there who inspire me with their blogs one way or another.

Now that that’s done, let’s move on. Since this is like an introduction, I won’t talk plenty.Unlike  those lecturers who end up lecturing and using all the 3 credit hours on the first day of school. Ok that came out of nowhere. Pardon me, it’s the first week of school and pressure is building up already. Anyway, even though this is just an intro, I can’t just leave you hanging, can i?Oh and it wasn’t a coincidence that my first post is on the day of love. This is the beginning of a lovely relationship with a thoughtful family. 

I just want to leave you with this. All our lives, since childhood we’ve been told to excel in school so we can get good jobs, good life partners, a nice house, some cars and wonderful children. Then, we can say that we have made it in life. But wait a minute! Is that all that there is to life? After that, then what? I have been questioning the very essence of life lately and I’ve come to realise life is so much more than that. Life is a purpose, there is a higher calling people! There is so much more God brought us on this earth to do and we must do it There is so much he wants to do with us if we will just let him! So slow down a bit and begin to seek your purpose and then chase after it when you find it. Then will you fulfil and be fulfilled.

P. S:If you were expecting a  Valentine’s love story sorry ooo.. 🙈🙈But have no worries you shall have your story in due time .Till then keep being thoughtful. 

!                                                Nana Akua~♥~

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