5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 04

Happy Sunday thoughtful family. The weekend’s ended. What better way to slide into the working week than relaxing with a story? Next week, We get to finally see the Review of the kenikodjo blog. Then instead of a continuation of the story, we get to read a post from a guest author. It’s gonna be a thing so, Apologies in advance for any inconvenience and disappointment. This episode is dedicated to all the silent readers, the followers of the blog, those who comment, share and like the blog. You guys are awesome. You can catch up here if this is your first time.

Let’s get to reading then.

Francis and Efua were beginning to find common ground in their somewhat falsely started relationship. All thanks to me. But what do I get in return? Two bounces! Two oo! Two! In a row. I don’t think you guys understand the gravity of my plight. Imagining what the boys would do if that heard about my ‘exploits’ made me sick. I could even hear some of the comments they would pass. ‘Hard guy but You chop two bounces.’ Fortunately God wasn’t too far off. In the spur of the moment, He sent an angel, a damsel, a… You get the point don’t you?


I could mention her name for the rest of this post and it’d adequately narrate the story. She was just… Emily!

Things with her got heated up in no time. Turned out she had just gotten out of a three year relationship and she had a crush on me. You know how the rest of the story goes, especially if you’re a guy. Only downside to it was that, the crush was odd. She had a thing for lips and she only crushed on me because she imagined what it would be like to have her lips locked with mine. She was alright though. I had fallen for far less and I got bounced. Poor me!

Usually when a girl is the one interested in the guy, it’s easier. All your jokes are funny. Even the lame ones. And I’m placing much emphasis on the ‘LAME’. She opens up more easily and is ready to give you all you need. Depending on how you play your cards and either of your walks with Christ, you might get a bone. Compliments of the chef! Anyway, back to the story.

She had an apartment so it was off to her place after lectures. I cursed my stars when I got there the first couple of visits and realise that her sister was always around. But hard guy no bore. Our elders say that, if the mountain doesn’t come to Slide, or is it Mohammed? Even if it’s Alhassan, he must go to the mountain. But hard guy being the *Jon hard guy, always held back. Besides, I hadn’t even gotten over the fact that I had been bounced by someone I had had deep conversations with for a year. Only to be followed by another bounce within the same week. Somehow, those couple of days had been great and our somewhat sexual escapades were getting real. As always, I had the upper hand. 

I knew how badly she wanted a taste of my lips so I never gave her the time of day. But our hugs were getting longer, and tighter and closer; like the kind where you feel your atoms lose or gain electrons to complete their electronic configurations. Soon, they moved to hugs from the back and trust little Eric to have a field day whenever it happened. Sometimes, I couldn’t even tell if it was a hug from behind or we were grinding to no music-those were the days she would respond in kind. We got the apartment to ourselves a couple of times but hard guy was playing hard to get. Typical case of the hunter becoming the hunted. *If I do mistake, my body fit bab me. I didn’t want to lose my lip advantage, literally! Every time our conversation took a pause, even in the midst of people, you could hear screams of ‘I wanna do you.’ We were so close to Marvin Gaye-ing and getting it on but then IT happened-Reality! 

Turned out she didn’t really like me. Well, not like, really, really, really but well, she did… Or she didn’t. Maybe she did a little, but the point here is, I was just her rebound. She just wanted to get back on her feet and get her mojo working again. It didn’t happen on like one night or something like that. It just happened. And the rumours began to die down. Both in our class and on campus. Most of all, I was glad I didn’t do myself dirty. But hey! I regretted it. Maybe just a bit but… Someway, somehow, somewhere, I did. Besides, I didn’t really like her. (Call me names for all I care) SHE liked me. And just like that, I’d convinced myself and moved on. Only thing was, she liked Likem. The last person in the world she was allowed to like. Of all the people she could have fallen for, she chose the friend closer than a brother. The fool had already shown interest even when I was getting ‘jiggy’ with her. He was a brother and well the code spelled it all out. But it was harder than I imagined.

*jon- very very very dull, indecisive person… At least that’s the best way to explain it in English.

*If I do mistake, my body fit bab me-if I make a mistake, I could be very hot.

Thanks for making it this far. Let’s meet in the comment section. Tell a friend to join the thoughtful family. Leggo!

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