5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 05

wp-1487528958823.jpg To be very honest, I think we need a new system for identifying the days of the week. It’s Wednesday already? I’m psyched though but Sunday was only a couple of days ago right? I hope this episode is as exciting as the previous ones and gets as much if not more feedback. This episode is dedicated to the silent readers, the new readers and the ones spreading the word about the thoughtful family. Once again, we’re gonna have a guest author share his/her (I can be petty like that) thoughts on here and we’re finally going to see the much talked about review of the kenikodjo blog. If you’re new, catch up here. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

Silence!… “Bro, are you serious?” That was all I could bring myself to ask him at the time. Don’t get me wrong, Likem was a great guy. My brother from another mother. But he had sputters of awkward behavior sometimes and I was only trying to be sure. “Oh, yeah! Hook me up with Emily!” Tried as i might, I couldn’t hear anything different from the reply he gave. He was sure about it. I was skeptical because, c’mon, it was Likem we were talking about here. He was odd like that. Like the last time, we saw a mouse nibbling in the room as soon as he put on the light. He turned it off immediately, saying that he had just wanted to be sure it wasn’t the light playing tricks. Imagine that? So pardon me if I found it hard to believe that he expressed interest in Emily. He was pretty much the first person I told when I kinda hit things off with her so it was all strange to me. Even stranger was the fact that he had that look when he was bent on getting through with a plan. He didn’t take no for an answer when it got to that level.

Forget all the cliche stories you’ve heard about determination. This boy was determined when he put his mind to it. I was bothered to say the least. I mean how? It wasn’t that he couldn’t talk to her himself, but it’s a guy thing. It’s just protocol that you put in a word or thousand for a friend who’s interested in a girl you know. But as things stood at the time, I was hardpressed. Not for time, but for something else and I didn’t know what it was myself at the time but what the heck?

First of all, what were people going to say? Two friends, One girl? Like was it a patiently planned threesome or what exactly was it? People talk. Frankly people come up with some of the dumbest rumour ideas so I was only looking at the worst possible option that would humour me.

Emily on the other hand was in the dark about all the things going on around her. Of course, a girl wasn’t going to come between a friendship that strong but if Adam, fell for an apple, ours could be broken with the right weight of brezz and bottoz (pun intended). She was nice and all but she used me and that was outright bad only that a bro’s a bro, no matter what. I wasn’t about to break the bro code and the situation didn’t make things easier. I had to talk to her again and oh, the mixture of feelings when i did. Turned out she had missed me and someway, somewhere, somehow, she had had to stop herself countless times from thinking about me. Yes she was interested in Likem and she understood the complications of the whole situation, especially now when she realised she was interested in me too. Imagine my pride when I found out about her plight but hard guy had to keep it on a low low. “I miss you Eric. You don’t know how many times I’ve had to stop myself from calling you up to my apartment after school.” This must be how Joseph felt when Portipha’s wife came up to him. The boy really force chale. Even standing under the tree when she was pouring out her heart; I felt “jiggily”. The hairs on my body were standing on edge and I could hear my heart speeding up with every pump of blood. Her perfume. Oh Gosh! She was standing a breath away. Her perfume. Our father, my shepherd… Pray for us sinners, forever and ever… I was saying all the prayers I’d learnt my whole life, at the same time. It felt so right yet so wrong. Hug her back. No, hold yourself. Faint, Sneeze… Something. I had never been more glad to receive a call from my mother than at that moment. She was calling to ask whether I had seen the TV remote but I didn’t mind. I was glad she had called.

The fact that she had fallen for me alone was just fulfilling but it wasn’t right. If she had used me once, she could use me again and that was my only argument against Likem’s request. Of course he had a counter. “She didn’t tie you to a tree and force herself on you. Even if she did, you got as much feeling out of it as she did, if not more.” And just like that, i realised how silly I had been for being drawn by his hardheaded trait. He had rubbished my argument and failed to see reason in all the others i advanced. You cannot but love him-Likem.

I couldn’t even look in her direction in class. It felt weird. Really weird… Too weird.

Thanks for making it this far. Tell a friend about the thoughtful family. Let’s meet in the comment section. Leggo!

7 thoughts on “5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 05

  1. Wonderful and exciting creativity. First time to read through but I’ve been captured by it to continue to read the next story. For a moment I thought I was watching a live theatre act directed by Tyler Perry.
    I like it.


    1. Thank you Jafaru… I’m grateful you took your time to read and even more so to leave a comment… You’re awesome


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