Minted Potion

Two posts in a night…. Our last Sundays are going to be exciting. Enjoy this one from Eric Mawuena Egbeta. A final year student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Be sure to leave a comment. Let’s get to reading then?

Photo Credit: Google
So here is me lay down my cards

Here is me lay down my axe

Here is me unsaddle my horse

To lay down my plots 

Gold have I none

Silver I poses neither

A pair of bracelets I may provide 

But here is really what I need provide

A heart, roughed up by scars

A heart, broken, smitten, bitten

Though fragile, yet strong

Desperate, yet calm

Needy, yet wealthy

Wilt thou take thee…

My heart, my love, my all

I pray thee…

Peradventure I sought that which was lost…

Now I seek that which is mine

Not to store away in lock

But to shew forth like the sun

Take mine heart, I beseech thee

And make it whole again

Take thee my smitten bitten love

And make it thy pretty little castle

For I long for thee

Take me, for I know not any
Eric Mawuena Egbeta

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