5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep. 06


It’s another Wednesday. Happy New Month fam. The last post received a lot of welcome so I’ve got a positive feeling about our last Sundays. The story continues though and it is dedicated to Jennifer Ocansey Akle who is a very silent reader. You can catch up here if you’re new. Let’s get to reading then?

It started out as just a hug. Then I was licking her neck. Her hands were doing stuff behind me. I didn’t know what but I liked it. My hands were at her back and I was too scared to drop it any further. But she took my hand and led it further away from her spine to softer pasture. It felt good. Really good. Soon my other hand joined in the fondling. We were kissing and the passion was just numbing. As if to prove a point of our singular superiority, we kissed. Like there was no tomorrow. I unlocked her bra. Pause. The I began lifting her blouse off. Tap. I didn’t know why or where it came from but it wasn’t about to stop me. She drove her fingers into my back, which was now bare because she took off my shirt and moaned softly when I gave her a hicky on the neck. Slowly. Softly. My hands were playing with her waist beads. The stress of moving up and down her contours fascinated me. I wasn’t stressed at all. I liked it. Tap. This time harder than before. I was still holding onto her bottoz for dear life. The confusion showed on my face but she smiled, drawing me closer for another kiss. We were both topless and she jumped on me. As if we had rehearsed the movement many times over, I began to head towards the bed; my lips still locked with hers. Tap… Tap… Tap. This time more repeatedly than those two previous times.

“Emily” I left out softly, opening my eyes to meet her sweet gaze. “Good morning sunshine”, she said to an insouciant face. The overwhelming feelings of surprise, happiness and disappointment all swooping in at the same time. Did we…? I trailed off as she walked from the bed in just her panties to go do only God knows what. The thoughts that ran through my mind at the time could make any normal person mad. The kind of thoughts you have after your first lesson in calculus. Did we…?  That was all my strength could help me mumble. She had just gone to shower and she came back into the room again in just her panties. There was something different about her. Some air of confidence around her which made her more attractive than before.

I felt something wet on my face. Opening my eyes to see that my sister had poured water on me. “Wake Up!” She shouted in her high-pitched, melodramatic voice.The overwhelming feelings of surprise, happiness and disappointment all swooping in at the same time again; this time, relief joining in the disappointment taking over. “What is it?” I shouted back when I was a bit composed. “Mummy is asking where the remote is. Have you seen it?”

I hated my life, the house, the dream, my sister, my mother…. In short I hated everything and everyone by the time she had ended her question. Like what?!! Was that why she interrupted my sweet dream to… The agony!

I had to think of something and fast. Emily had to go and I wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing. The dream put too much fear in me to think of what would happen if I was left alone with her for even a second.

But it was one heck of a dream and some part of me still wishes it was real. I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it. It would have been nice. At least.

The plan was simple and Likem could not but budge. I had my ways too, when I wanted to. He was gonna have Emily at all cost because it would give me genuine reason to stay away from her and I was bent on doing that.

Thanks for making it thus far. Tell a friend about the growing family. Let’s meet in the comment section, shall we?

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