5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 07

First of all, I want to thank God almighty for my life.sobs For giving me the strength to keep this up. The stress of work and school alone is enough to make me give this up. But He’s been good. He’s got me. I also want to thank my readers-Those in Norway, the US, Ghana… Everywhere. This episode is dedicated to them. Come to think of it, if Christmas is the celebration of the birth of  Jesus then it means the Holy Spirit got jiggy with it in March or?? Anyway catch up here if you’re new… Let’s get to reading then, shall we? 

The plan was simple really. Humiliate Emily in front of everyone in class and then Likem would jump to the rescue. So it’d look like we cut ties cos of a girl, but we’re Bros… I mean c’mon. It’d take more than just a slim, curvy and bodacious girl to break us. They say that the devil has horns and a pitch-fork which he uses to punch holes in our expectations and plans. I almost ‘dirtied’ myself that day all because this girl would just not be humiliated. She almost didn’t show up even.

After our lecture was over, I tried to get her attention. For whatever reason, that day she didn’t finish copying her notes early so even when the lecturer had left, she was still writing what she could make of the writings on the board. No one could really understand his writing anyway and who could blame him? Spending years in the medical practice had its perks and it didn’t make a difference whether it was a lecture in genetics or a prescription in the consulting room. 

So I stood in her view of the board and intentionally engaged one of my colleagues, just to sell it really well. She didn’t even budge. Just stared at me till I began feeling uncomfortable and I had to move-First personal foul. 

I took her pen and reminded her of sometime back in the past when she took mine and never retuned it. She only turned her attention to her bag and began rummaging through for anything she could write with. When she didn’t find one, she just turned to the person to her left she borrowed a pen. Then she looked up at me, smiled and continued writing. The smile left as quickly as it came; all the while, Likem was looking on expectantly. Second personal foul.

Likem walked up to me and began mumbling something about hunger. “Your woman dey bore me*”, was the reply I met him with. Then I proceeded to just going on and on about who she thought she was and what she thought she could do. I could see tension slowly build up on her face and the joy that I felt came with some renewed energy to continue. Boy oh boy! Scores from downtown. 

Likem was trying to calm me down but I wouldn’t here of it. “Yo, chill!”, He said and somehow, I capitalised on that and reinforced my attacks. “Yo, chill?” I threw back and the rest is history. The words just rolled off my tongue with so much ease, I was sure I had done it before. Foooul.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd one

Likem got angry, or at least acted like he was and pushed me. We had to sell it really well and he did it too well. I got confused at a point if he was in on the plan or not. 

She soon had to calm him down and tell him to step aside. Ladies and gentlemen, I have never been more insulted in my life. It hurts just remembering it. I had to limp out of the class. I was injured by her words. 

Although things didn’t go as planned, it worked out perfectly. Likem picked things up from that incident and we’re still Bros, on the blind side of Emily. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse after the show down with Emily, let’s just say, I was wrong. Putting it mildly that is. 

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section.

3 thoughts on “5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 07

  1. Gentleman, you can’t be keeping us in suspense and then write something as short as *amotia * and expect us to be happy. Better continue this week ooo. I mean Wednesday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lady, I’ll do that for you… Light off and things so I couldn’t write plenty.. I’ll write longer and try to keep the suspense minimal… Thanks for the comment

      Liked by 1 person

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