5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 10 & 11

Happy Sunday guys. First of all, I’m sorry for failing to post on Wednesday. School pressure got to me this time, you know. So in order to make up for that, I’m giving you guys two episodes today[Just between us, the series will end pretty soon… Like pretty pretty soon😭😥]. Three kpozas for me😂😂😂… These episodes are dedicated to all the married couples in the world and those who read this blog. Y’all are the real MVP’s. This month we’re reviewing Tryphena’s blog, so look forward to that. Check it out here. You can catch up here if you missed the previous episode. Let’s get to reading then?

…Luckily for me, there was a party and the boys had invited me earlier but I declined. After Sandra’s stunt, I dared not not change my mind or even think of getting dressed up in there. Till date, I don’t know what happened but I left her in the room to go dress up in the next. Beads of sweat gathered around my stiff forehead as If to say ‘we’re not going anywhere.’ When i opened the door and found the coast was clear, I ran. Like, the-rabid-dog-is-coming type. I ran like hell, not even bothering to check if she had left or whether the door was locked. I knew i was going to see more of her in the near distant future, but the future could take care of itself. All I wanted at that moment was a getaway. A good getaway and thankfully, Francis had not set off when I called. He was beginning to have problems with Efua and he needed it more than I did. Nothing worse than being tied down and having problems.


The music was too loud and the food was way too spicy. Maybe because they were serving lots of alcohol. I was only there to get away not to get wasted, so i sat still in a corner, sipping on anything on the menu that wasn’t alcohol.

“Is it just me or are you just cute?” I didn’t know it then, but I felt my face light up with a blush as I turned frantically to see who was talking and who she was referring to. Yes she! The voice I heard was feminine. “God took His time with​ me”, was all I could manage when I realised she was referring to me and as expected, she laughed. “Hi I’m Lorenta and we’ll get married someday”, she said as she stretched out her hand. Only God knows why I resisted the temptation to laugh and ask, ‘you and who?’ But an ‘is that so’, coupled with a coy smile is all I could give out. And just like that, we sparked up conversation. And we talked. After what happened to me only a few hours before, it was just human to be guarded; but we talked. Besides, Sandra only acted that way perhaps because I was disinterested and that was the only way she thought of, to get my attention. Nothing spells out desperation better than a lady in ‘love’. 

As unusual as the night seemed, it got more awkward when she offered to walk me to my hostel. After all, the party was almost over and I really needed to get some sleep. I wasn’t sure what her gameplan was but I wasn’t about to put myself in any more awkward situations. So we walked to Likem’s instead. I had slept there a number of times in the past so it wouldn’t have been strange anyway. It had been a while since I talked with him and somehow, I had forgotten all about Emily. Imagine the tension when I barged in on the two of them. Emily’s instant frown when she asked Likem what I was doing there was oh so epic. Offering medicine in the university, teaches you to think fast on your feet; but it still doesn’t match the challenge of making up a lie out of nothing. All the while, Lorenta was standing there, confused, trying to make mincemeat of the situation. “I came to take my silk robe. It wasn’t in my bag, so I figured it was still here.” And just like that, the deafening silence was broken. The tension resolved a bit. Likem knew I had nothing of mine there but he walked to his locker to pick​ up his robe for me. We were still Bros so “sa robe est ma robe”.

I fled temptation; attended a really awful party but most of all I lied to someone who wasn’t my friend yet. She didn’t know it but I felt really bad. Thankfully she was in that same hall so the tables had to turn. Imagine if Emily wasn’t there to sack me? The joy and confusion I felt at the time was unparalleled. Well, joy because she wasn’t going to find out where I stayed and confusion because well, Emily was around so no need to think of if she wasn’t.


And with nothing more than a wave, I closed her door when she entered the room and I left not knowing exactly where to go. She had subtly suggested I take her number but I played my cards well and feigned ignorance of her advances. For someone who was gonna get married to me, she was a bit too eager, I thought to myself. I wanted to get away from myself and she wanted to find me. Touche.

I got back to my room, tired and even more tired when I found out Sandra was still around. Ah? This girl kraaaaaaaaaaaa? 

In desperation I called up Fiifi to come over under the guise of a surprise. He was only a floor below so he got there quite quickly. I explained everything to him but he was quite reluctant to do anything. It was his turn to take one for the team plus he was in the room with people so nothing could possibly happen. Who says God doesn’t answer prayers? As soon as they left, I fell face first on my bed and boy did I sleep?

Thanks for making it thus far. Tell someone about the fam and let’s meet in the comment section.

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