5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 12

Happy Sunday guys. And Happy Belated April fool’s. Just a quick reminder that the story is gonna come to a close a bit more quickly than i had anticipated. It’s sad i know but, life is like that. Happy belated birthday to all the Facebook people who celebrated their birthday within the week, especially those who were born on April 1st😂😂😂. My heart goes out to you guys. This episode is dedicated to my heart throb, Efua Asarebea Opare-Baidu. And all the awesome pipos out there. Last week was a review, if you didn’t read it, here you go. And if you’re looking to catch up, you know I got you. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

They say that prayer coupled with faith moves God to move mountains. They never said that a heartfelt prayer was faith in itself and it moves God to move more than mountains. That night when i got back from the party, it was just messed up. All my senses were running wild and just when I was about to drift to sleep, I said a prayer. Nothing flamboyant, just a heartfelt ‘help me Lord!’ And just like that, I felt this burden being lifted off. From that time onward till my last two semesters i was totally free; living a normal life and enjoy it to the fullest. 

The last two semesters in med school weren’t easy at all. Housemanship was fun but it came with its perks. Sitting down right now, I can’t even remember the name of the hospital i worked in. All i know is, it was really expensive and the people who were brought there didn’t come to treat headaches or get injections for tetanus. It was either blood cancer or some other impossible disease that you only hear about when people are giving testimonies in churches. Dr. Ketemefi! Oh God bless her. Understudying her was one of the most appealing learning experiences ever. Someway somehow, I missed my old life. Changing crushes like i did my underwear but i loved the life i had come to know. Clean, simple and most definitely drama-free. 

But as karma or fate whoever was put in charge of this earth would have it, Barbara happened. Have you ever known a person and the only word to describe them is their name? Yh! Barbara was just… Barbara.

At first I thought it was just paranoia that got the best of me but she confirmed all i didn’t want to believe when she pulled a stunt on one of my working nights. 

It wasn’t like I was expected to do anything. Besides I was still understudying and no one with a case of one genetic aberration would visit the hospital at night. I had gotten used to filling in so much so, I began to believe it was part of my job to lock up after everyone. 

But that night… Well as usual i was just sitting behind the reception desk, reading some gibberish on the internet, waiting for everyone to leave so i could lock up at 9. Barbara on the other hand had other plans and kept trying to make light conversation whenever she passed to attend to a patient in a ward or something. I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was trying to do so i just engaged her in absentia, till I replied in the affirmative to something she requested. I soon found out that she asked to sit on me and i had said yes. Imagine that! 

When she proceeded to come sit on me, i asked what she was doing and regretted soon enough. Tears started to flow out of nowhere. Just like that! I’m still shocked when i think about that particular moment of that night. Just like that! Tears! I had to think fast when I snapped back into reality because she was going to create a scene. It wasn’t as if there were so many people around but I was really shy of those who were. I didn’t want to get in their bad books and i most definitely didn’t want them to have the wrong perception.

Midway through her tear shedding, she made an offer when she noticed i was willing to calm her down. “Dinner with me tonight else…” Need she say more? Besides I wasn’t going anywhere and I needed the night out. I asked that she got her things so we would leave and trust me I’ve never seen a lady get ready that quickly. 

She was fun. No denying that fact. That night was great and i found out that she was a simpleton at heart and was appreciative of the things others took for granted. Like when you complimented the glow of her skin or the colour of her nails. 

I had moved out of the hostel and Of course I wasn’t going to show her my apartment but as fate would again have it, she already knew. She wanted to come in for only God knew what. Somehow, her tears got to me and she knew it. I obliged when I saw her tears. Girl knew her stuff. 

She was asking things that were so odd but as if my mind was being controlled by some unknown being, it never really clicked. I mean naturally, from the time she asked for a towel to go take a bath, I would have suspected something but I wasn’t even thinking of anything foul. I guess i must have been that tired. Even when she entered the room clumsily clad in the towel, enough to show some sensitive skin, nothing moved. Have you ever been so tired, you’re just tired of being tired?

“What’s wrong?” Barbara’s voice brought me back to the reality of me starring at her naked body. Apparently she had been trying to get my attention but my eyes were only fixed on her with my mind elsewhere. Slowly, i began to realise that she was actually naked. Like stark naked! I freaked out but she quickly covered up and came over to sit by me on the bed. And then we talked.

I remember asking her if she had actually thought through what she wanted. And boy, we had a deep conversation. There’s nothing as beautiful as souls unwrapped to their barest nakedness. 

I woke up in the middle of the night to realise that my face had dried tears on it and Barbara clung to my bosom as if her life depended on it. 

I tucked her into bed and took my bath then I got to my study table just to while away time. I wasn’t really concentrating on the book spread out before me because I was trying hard to remember what had happened only a few hours ago and even when I got back glimpses of the moment, I cried again.
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