5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 13[Finale]

Happy Wet Palm Sunday guys. I’m super excited because I’ve had lots of response from you guys and it’s gingered me to write ever so consistently. Today’s episode happens to be the finale but cheer up, more posts to come. Belated happy birthday to Nana Esi Aidoo. This one is dedicated to all the consistent readers and all 100+ likers on Facebook. Y’all the real MVP. We passed 500 page views this week so I think we can raise a toast to that. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

After Phyllis, Fidelis, Efua, Emily, Sandra and even Lorenta (although nothing happened with her) i was thinking, hoping actually that Barbara would be my last. You know? Like i could build from ground up with her. That kind of thing. I’d helped Francis, Likem and even Fiifi. It was time to help myself. So I did. 

After about a year’s journey with Barbara, things started falling apart. But it wasn’t always like that. That night when she came over to my apartment, we did more than just talk as it turned out to be. We examined each others soul because we were bare in thought and in speech. The weeks that followed got deeper and more exciting. Personally, I was skeptical at first but when you ask around, all the love stories you hear are written by people who never expected to be together. So i just went with the flow. 

We would go out for lunch together, sit together in class, cover for each other… You know? The cliché stuff. I had come to make a home at hers and her parents were comfortable with me so they had no problem when she slept over. Usually i was out, covering for someone’s night shift or just out. I didn’t want to be in any compromising situation. 

I still wasn’t sure about her. There was something about her that unsettled me. She always wanted more. She wanted to push her limits. She enjoyed testing the waters. It was fun in the beginning. It even seemed like a remarkable trait but soon it became annoying. She began creating problems where there were none and picking fights when there was nothing to even fight over. 

In the beginning i just shrugged off the thought. It was still early days yet. By a full year, i was sure i was fed up. The break up as epic but here’s where it gets interesting. 

She stopped calling back, she stopped texting. I was now like a convenience store. She only talked to me when she was ‘less busy.’ Of course, in the beginning, it didn’t bother me that much but after a couple of weeks, I was done. Like D-O-N-E, done! Besides all my bros had broken up and were “back in the game.” I was the only one still tied down so I didn’t even think twice when I realised I was fed up.

I remember the conversation so vividly because it was the first and perhaps only conversation that went according to the million scripts in my head. 

“I think I’m sick and tired…” I trailed off, so she could chip in as courtesy demanded.

“What’s wrong?” She asked and boy oh boy, the excitement drawn on my face at the other end of the phone call was… Marvelous.

“You!” I almost screamed. She expressed her confusion in the most comic way but i was determined not to laugh or let my guard down. It would ruin the moment and then i wouldn’t be able to break up.

“I’m sick and tired of you!” I repeated, this time in full so she didn’t have any rope to feign ignorance. Then… I waited. The silence grew on both of us but I was patient. She hung up.

Oh the joy! Oh the pain but mostly joy… I was officially single and back in the game. Wait till I told the boys. Then there was a knock. In my excitement I rushed to go open the door only to meet the frown on Barbara’s mother’s face with the boy scout smile i had on. 

“Barbara tells me she’s pregnant and you’re breaking up with her,” she said indignantly. Ah but this woman? It’s like she has me mixed up with someone else. 

“I have not even kissed your daughter before,” I replied with a confused look. This was by far the most childish game plan. I wasn’t going to stay to hear any of their allegations (on the milder note). 

I locked up and left them standing at my door…..


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