Yellow or Blue? 

Heyyy thoughtful people! It’s been so long- I know, but before I write anything else let me apologise for the unofficial hiatus. School and a whole lot of other stuff kept getting in the way. But I am back now so we can be thoughtful together.

So somewhere within this hiatus, I happened to find myself at a relationship seminar or talk, whichever one it is. It has become quite common these days for people within my age group. At this particular seminar, we spoke at length about all things relationship. Towards the end of the seminar, one concerned lady asked this question: ”since we are supposed to abstain from sex until marriage what do you do if you get married and find out your husband cant “perform”? That question certainly got all of us whispering amongst ourselves. Immediately my friend Elioenai shouted beside me,”Eii like I will pray paapa! Father, let there be a performance!” we both burst out laughing at that. Trust Elioenai to say something like that. Whiles people were talking about solutions like annulling the marriage if your husband knew he couldn’t perform and still went ahead to marry you, or searching for a medical procedure or simply enduring she was here talking about prayer. Ei !Prayer warriors fo)!

After the seminar had ended I was back in my room reminiscing about the day and when I remembered what my friend had said at the seminar I got thinking, why not? Why can’t we pray about everything? I mean prayer is communication with God right? Christianity is supposed to be a relationship between us and God and from what I know, in a relationship you talk about everything and anything. I used to think that prayer was only needful when there was a huge problem on the table or something wasn’t going on right or you were thanking God for something and I know most of us still think that. But there’s more to a relationship than that. I have come to understand that you can talk to God about anything and everything. You can talk about how your day went, your food choices, your clothing choices, your friends, where you go and what you do. Seems beautiful, doesn’t it?

So see, if my friend wants to talk to God about her future husband’s “non-performance”,(if that should happen) ,why not? If I want to ask God if I should eat fufu or banku, why not? If I want to talk to God about what I should learn for an exam ,why not? If I want to talk to God about that boy I have a crush on, why not? And if I want to know if God prefers me in a blue dress rather than a yellow dress, WHY NOT?? It is not as ridiculous as it seems. It’s actually beautiful to know that the creator of the universe is there to listen and actually talk to you anytime.

Let’s learn to talk to God about everything. In the words of Lady Reverend Adelaide Heward-Mills,you need to go to the throne before you go to your phone. You’d be amazed at the sorrows you’ll be saving yourself from and the opportunities you’ll be walking into when you do that. As we go about life I pray that we discover relationships with God and that we grow in our relationships with God.

P. S: I thought these kids looked adorable and decided to put them up.They may or may not be related to this post 😂😉😎

                                        ~♥~Nana Akua~♥

17 thoughts on “Yellow or Blue? 

  1. Thank you for this… You hit the nail right on the head… In a generation where marriage is seen as an end game and relationships are seen as lab tests, i think it’s only spiritual and logical that we talk to the one person who loves and is in love with us…. God bless you and it’s great to have you back


  2. Nana may God richly bless you…I love reading ur stuff. Keep it up. I hope am the guy u were talking about. Ur crush😍😚😚😘😘😍😍😘


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