Hard Guy So I no Dey Hear

Happy Sunday Guys. This week has been very tiring and awesome. Belated happy birthday to Jude Captain Lartey and his big sister. This week is special for me because I made a really big decision. Anyway, Ten thoughts is now officially part of Blogging GH. Next week, we’re reviewing the Gold In Words blog. Trust me you don’t want to miss it. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

The potential of a seed is in its ability to create a forest.

 Never miss the opportunity to sow seeds( of time, money, service, prayer, love, kindness, etc) in the life of fertile grounds(people:especially anointed ones).

Osei-Tutu 👑👑

My semester began on a rather interesting note. Prior to reopening, I had been praying and I felt a void within. The kind that was related to my seed sowing account. It’d been a while I sowed and I kept hearing ‘something’ tell me to do so- sow that is. Well, ‘something’ because I didn’t want to believe it was the Holy Spirit. That something kept urging me to sow and as if that wasn’t enough, that something mentioned a specific amount. (For the sake of this post, let’s say the amount is ¢500). First and foremost, I didn’t know where I was going to get the money from. I mean, my aunt had promised me some money to pay for the blog and Nana Akua was gonna send some to top it up and all but it was still not enough. Plus I didn’t give Nana Akua any positive vibe so I was only half-expecting her to send the money. What happened is a story for the gods. It didn’t even cross my mind that my dad would give me that much for school. Even if he would, he enjoyed my company at home so it was only gonna be enough so I would come home rather soon.

To cut a really really long story short, my dad gave me money for school, and guess what, it was the exact money I was being urged to sow. As my dad handed me the money, I thought of Abraham and wondered how he felt when he was going to sacrifice his only son. Like think about it. His only son. Then I thought about Isaac and how he must have felt during the return trip home after he was almost sacrificed. Oh like me ah like me then my poppy finish that ooo…. Serious!

Then i thought of Joseph and how he must have felt when he found out that his wife to be was pregnant and he hadn’t even touched her. I’m sure he was planning some very adventurous moves on the wedding night. 

Chale! Chale! Chale! I just couldn’t. I mean how? So as a hard guy, I do like i no hear any prompting.

Like eiii, what I go chop? I didn’t even open on buying handouts but I mean, I would need money to not buy handouts. Ah I cannot! I couldn’t! I mean how?

Someway, somehow, everything that happened after I received the money, pointed to the fact that I needed to sow. All the numbers I saw were in fives and hundreds. Five of my trousers got torn and I to sew them. 

Bottom line of my plenty ranting is that, sometimes, just sometimes, we play the hard guy/girl card when things look really risky and there’s a possibility that the risk will run us down into discomfort.

The story continues but you’ll just be reading all about how I was careful with the loose money I had left after I had sowed the seed. And how my dad gave me extra money and how I got a gift amount which was the exact amount I sowed. 

Sometimes we forget that God will always be waiting at the finish line with one Kalyppo and two biscuits even if the seed we’re sowing seems like it’s too risky. Your seed may not be monetary but you know what you’re feeling in your capillaries and arteries.
P.S. I sowed into the Selah Music Ministry. I’ll put up a post about them as time goes on. All I can say now is, I’m glad to be a part of the ministry in the little way I can.

Thanks for making it thus far. Kindly tell a friend about the family. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

10 thoughts on “Hard Guy So I no Dey Hear

  1. Nice writeup. Acting on the promptings of the spirit is important. Even when it is against your will, just act.


  2. Nice, write the way you speak
    Buy ultimately, it’s best to follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings.
    Just yesterday, there was a fund raising in church to get new carpet for the altar and I had this prompting to sow my last fresh gh10. I tried playing logic with God that ok even if I give kraaa I’ll have people sending me off so I’ll get a replacement, so I sowed the money.
    But to prove to me how God he is, I didn’t get a dime from anyone…..
    But today I have more than I need…… Just trust God


    1. Amen! I’m glad you can relate… Sometimes all you need to do is to do… Thank you so much for taking time off to comment


  3. The subject of giving makes me want to grab the writer/speaker and admit “me too!! Me too!!” I’ve had countless experiences where I’ve given (sometimes,knowing fully well there’s no other money) and someway, some how, I’m blessed in diverse forms (mostly, money and a billion other things!) So I definitely agree with everything you’ve shared in this post. There’s more blessing in giving that in receiving. Thank you!


    1. Thank you Try… And however doubts your ability with words should read this comment…. God bless you


  4. Epic…I want to say I love you but…. And Kalyppo one,two biscuits? Sister derby…She Shaa Ruff😂😂😂

    More importantly thanks for the Advice


    1. Lol…. I would say i love you too but…. Thanks for taking time to comment….I really appreciate it


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