Council D’Animalis

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Council D’Animalis, the legislative and Judicial body of the Farm Yard had met to deliberate on the composition of the Vetting Panel that was going to critically examine the credibility of all nominees vying to take over from the Mighty Lion, the king of the Farm Yard. 

Long ago, before the democratic dispensation was instituted in the Farm Yard, a civil war broke between the Lions and Wolves in the Farm Yard, it was struggle for power. The tragic war left many of dead.

The gravity of the war drew the attention of godly man. Godly man stepped in with the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces and helped resolve the war. 

They helped establish an Animocratic dispensation that suited the cultural dictates of the Farm Yard. The new code of conduct “Koda D’Animalia” which they collectively propounded prescribed that an elected representative served as Ultimate Leader of the Farm Yard for two years only, thereafter, elections will be held for new a new representative, who should have passed through vetting successfully, to be elected.   

The reign of Mighty Lion has not been one full of praise, the birds of the skies, and Aqua creatures, most especially, lamented that they had been sidelined and haven’t been given the opportunity to enjoy their deserving portion of the Farm Yard goodies, despite their annual contribution to “edible protein” to the Farm Yard Bank. 

They regarded themselves as the Minority, not because they had few numbers but because their voices and contributions weren’t taken into consideration and governance. 

Le Council D’Animalis had met to deliberate on the composition of the Vetting Panel, this panel was to vet aspiring leaders of the Farm Yard. Tensions were high and the elections by all indications was going to be keenly contested, especially as the supposed minority had presented a candidate to vie for the Ultimate Leadership position in their interest. The composition of the panel therefore was to be based on competence and high level of integrity to ensure credibility of its outcome. 

Old-Marcus Tortoise, chairman of the Council D’Animalis, sat on the high table, with his chin cupped in his hand, “Greetings to you all honorable members of the Council D’Animalis, we commune here today to select deserving members who have demonstrated their prowess and integrity, animals of honorable species, whom when we put on the board to vet various aspirants will not allow themselves to be compromised and will work diligently in producing for us naught but the best results, one that is reflective of the interest of the Farm Yard” he continued, “By virtue of leadership, I choose Roberta Owl to be put on the panel, because she has on many occasions demonstrated her wisdom to all and sundry, she again is a night monger  and knows all things that are done in clandestine under the cover of the night, if there’s a time when we need such knowledge, the time is now. For which reason I select Roberta Owl to be on panel” Old Marcus said. 

 There was collective agreement on the board as no one seem to have any objection. 

Barkie Dog, signaled with his paws to be given the opportunity to contribute too. “Honorable members, for a credible and well “howled” vetting process we will want to employ the services of one who is cunning, witty, smart, inquisitive and very intelligent, if we won’t chicken out like the fowls, we will agree that this is “barkingly” true, if it is then I suggest it is appropriate for us to put Fauzy Fox on the Vetting panel”

There was a resounding “Yeah! Yeah!” Indicating the approval of Barkie Dog’s submission. Barkie Dog was a lively individual who loved to tease the other animals in the farm and always had something to say particularly against the fowls in the farm. 

Several submissions were made, some rejected and others accepted, by the close of the meeting, Swanzy Monkey and Divey Fish were added to the Vetting panel.

Swanzy was selected for his agility and swiftness, he was to function as Message Disseminator of the vetting panel and Divey Fish was to represent the minority caucus and also ask questions pertaining the policies that affected the Aqua world.  


The vetting panel had been solidly composed. They met to set the criteria aspirants were to meet in order to be pass.

Fauzy Fish rose to speak first, “for a very long time, the Aqua world has been sidelined from the activities of the Farm Yard, primarily because our leaders have little or no knowledge of the activities of the Aqua world. To put an end to this and institute balance we have to make sure aspirants possess fair knowledge of the Aqua world, at least they should know how to swim”  

Her submission was laudable and made sense, it was considered and agreed to be a mandatory criteria for scoring aspirants. 

Fauzy Fox made pledged his commitment to the board and promised to bring his wits and cunningness to bare, he asked for Roberta the Owl to brazen his efforts with her wisdom and knowledge of affairs done in secrecy of the night. 

Swanzy Monkey suggested, “The terrible voice of the current leader makes him fearsome rather than respected, and leaders as a “swinging” matter of fact should be respected and not feared, therefore we as panelists of the Vetting Committee should make it a point to demand for all aspirants to possess soothing voices rather than thunderous voices. All those with “animalistic” reverberating voices should be made to trim their voice to suite a standard requirement. If indeed they seek to be leaders with the interest of Farm Yard at core of their hearts and the tip of their tail, they will consent to it appropriate to do so”

 This again received massive applaud on the panel.  


All seven aspirants had amassed at the Farm Yard square with their supporters rallying behind them singing cheer songs. It was the first time in the history of Farm Yard that seven good number of aspirants were vying for the Ultimate Leadership. Representatives from other farms lands had come to cover the epic story. 

The aspirants were; Elephant popularly known as Magaphant, Stripe Tiger, Croc Odile, Amos Quito, Basit the Parrot, Bruno Dog and Hyena Jester.

Swanzy Monkey, the Message Disseminator, took center floor and announced, “You are all welcome here this day to the vetting of various aspirants who are vying for the leadership mantle. We as panelist have propounded a comprehensive series of tests and questions that will be posed to all these aspirants to assess them and score them based on their responses and performances. They shall be called in turns to face the panel. Anybody here who acts or intends to act unanimalistically here will be dealt with drastically by the Buffalo Security Services. May godly man be with us all”

Amos Quito was the first to face the panel. 

Fauzy’s first question dropped like a thunderbolt. 

“Should a leader in anyway be responsible for the death of any organism?” You are godly man’s greatest killer and if we give you the nod, godly man’s deep seethed anger and hatred for you will be transferred on to us, what do you have to say about?”

Amos Quito was thrown overboard completely, he had nothing to say, he and his clan suck the blood of godly man in order go to through labor safely, however, they leave godly man sick with malaria after taking his blood. 

Amos Quito couldn’t defend himself, it was an age old cultural practice. He flew off and “wheezed” bitterly the whole day, cursing himself and his ancestors for his hard luck.  

Croc Odile went next, followed by Jester the Hyena and Basit the Parrot.

Basit, played strongly on his exceptional oratory skill and performed tremendously, but lacked completely, knowledge about the Aqua world which called for his disqualification. 

Stripe Tiger stepped forward to take his turn. He had a resounding thunderous voice, he was asked to subscribe for a voice training in order to tame his voice.

He protested and argued that it will mean challenging the perfection of the Creator of Life. His position heightened tension on the board but he maintained his position with tigerish staunchness. 

Several bouts of questions were rained on him and he answered them duly. 

Fauzy rose to his feet and presented the final test. 

“Stripe, as a leader of the Farm Yard, your reign will extend to the birds of the skies, beast of the lands and also the Aqua world, for which reason you will have to demonstrate that you possess knowledge that will allow you to rule over all these lands. Gently, step forward, in animalistic gracefulness, and swim in the pool of water there” she said pointing to the river in the park. 

Sudden silence engulfed the whole farm, Stripe collapsed to the ground and gave a loud cry. His skin hadn’t touched water before and he wasn’t ready to try it.

There was a superstitious belief that if his skin came into contact with water all his graceful stripes that adorned the coat of his skin will be washed away leaving him naked. 

He let out another loud cry and raced out of the vetting grounds. 

At the close of the day, only three animals were passed, Elephant the Magaphant, Bruno Dog and Croc Odile. 

Stripe Tiger wept bitterly the whole night. 

“Why would my other animals, most of whom are below my gracefulness, set standards to measure my intelligence and ability against what the Creator of Life has made me?” he wept. 

“How does the standard of Birds, Fishes and Monkeys meet the measure of a roaring Tiger?” 

“How does one’s performance before a vetting panel translate to credible leadership?” 

He roared and wept all night and all day, no allowing himself to be consoled. 

When the weight of desperation became too heavy for him to bare, he left Farm Yard and travelled to Asia far away from the source of his desperation. 

…And that is why Tigers are only found in Asia and know where else…

—Edwin Abanga
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