Happy Sunday guys! So soon, we’ve come to the end of the first quarter. Time flies when you’re blogging. Been two months already since the start of this blog. This review is my wedding gift to Benjamin Anyan. Albeit it’s coming late. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

Review by: Kobby Elikem


“Genius is Initiative on Fire” —Holbrook Jackson.

When I first stumbled on the GOLDINORDS blog, I as struggling. Struggling with a part of life that was a struggle. And if ever words had power, in whatever form, at whatever point in time, I felt it there and I felt it then. That was a new partnership. A NEW FOUND LOVE! I savored every post by Tele and Ewuraesi and BenJ and even the guest blogger, Kwasi Koranteng. I wholly took in every message spread across the fonts on the page. I would scale the length and breadth of the site, just looking for related posts because the moments I was put in by the posts were so surreal. The fact that each post dealt with a part of society or life or Christianity, that I had questions about, gave me doubts about coincidence. Mind you I am finicky about what I read or listen to, especially about Christianity. Given that, there are so many messages out there nowadays and one can’t, but be careful. If a mere mortal, who doubles as a very hard person to impress, fell in love with such spirit-filled text, then a divine being like you, because I believe my readers are God’s divine gift, shouldn’t take too long to see the light. I’m so glad for the genius of the best trio in the world. Even better than the Messi-Neymar-Suarez bromance or the Rubio-Wiggins-Towns love story. Ewuraesi, Tele and BenJ; God bless you.

I would recommend this blog to every and anyone. Tall, short, dark, fair, Christian, Muslim, Career Person, Unemployed… Whoever you are; Whatever you do; Wherever you are; Why ever you are… Point is, you should take a read. Thank me later with a white hen and the heart of an ant. I’m just saying. Because every moment you spend wasting time or procrastinating, you’re probably just delaying your breakthrough.

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then shall we?

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