Comfort Zone

Happy Wednesday Guys! Exams pressure and all have got a brother held up. For no reason in particular, shouts going out to Priscilla Yawson and to all those caught up in the Exam fever. God is your helper. Next week, I’ve got something exciting you can show to your mothers. I’m wondering should we start a #MakeMummyKnow? Let’s meet in the comment section or in the pms on facebook. Your thoughts. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

The place where we all love to operate from. Because quite frankly, we’d have it no other way. Why bother if it’s not going to be convenient. The things that bring us relief, however, are the things that are on the far end of the table from the comfort zone. The things that get us in a frenzy. The very things that get us jumpy and end up being worthwhile, bring us an indescribable joy.

No matter how smart you are, the relief you get is greater when you studied the topic you’re going to be examined on, just the night before, or even five minutes before you entered the exam hall. When you go through some discomfort just to get the job done. That smile that draws on your face as if to say to the examiner, ‘You ain’t so tough! I got this!’ The joy is massive. Because the result of our extra toil was worthwhile. Those extended nights and numerous call ups, finally paid off.

We suddenly forget what comfort is and strive to make it. It’s a different ball game if you doubt yourself and decide to cheat. All I’m saying is, If the result of living outside our comfort zone for a couple of days for something as mundane as an exam can be so rewarding, how much more living the same way for God? Nothing extra o. But slipping in a couple of tongues-filled prayers at the bus stop when the conversation is exhausted. Spending that extra couple of minutes on your knees in the morning, may be more revealing and a bit more refreshing than the stress you go through to start something afresh with your potential bae.

“Oh! They’ll think I’m too spiritual.” Well after all we’ve done and are still doing, Christ doesn’t think we’re too ‘sinful’ or ‘carnal.’ You know why? He died for us and is still interceding for you and for me. What’ll your inability to attend those small drink-ups and get-togethers cost you? It’ll save your kidney and your money, if you ask me.

“That’s ambitious talk!” Well here’s a food for thought,

Would you still be friends with you, if you were living in the comfort zone all the time?

Get out from that comfort zone and get in the zone! Stay prayed up!

Thank you for making it thus far. Be a part of the family and help us grow by telling others about the family. Go like the page on facebook. Meanwhile, let’s meet in the comment section yh?

2 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “Go the extra mile; it’s never crowded.” Comfort zones are easy. We don’t have to stretch our limbs so far to get the task done. But how is there ever growth if we’re not willing to challenge ourselves or the things we’re helplessly used to? I love how you talk about our relationship with God here. And I think it’s all a matter of priority. If you love Him so much, are driven with wild passion for a relationship with Him, certainly talking to Him will be as important as breathing. If it matters to us, we can get it done. If it matters most to us, we can get it done better- even if that means getting out of our comfort zone.
    Great post, Jeffy!

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    1. And just like that…. You’ve put together a much better write up about comfort zones than I did… Thank you so much Try… You’re great

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