The Cult of The Pentecost Church


Happy Sunday guys! Since it rained today, I’ll just say this, Happy Rainy Sunday guys! Exams has got a brother doing the oddest things you don’t want to know about. But as always, I need to pull through for you guys. You’re really awesome. This month, we’re going to be visited by Thelma Agbakpe. She’s amazing you’ll see. Next week though, I’m doing a special mothers’ day post that I’m looking forward to myself. Looks like I’m even talking too much. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, you must forgive me for the misleading title. Surely, I could have used ‘Charismatic’ to efficiently represent my idea. But then, haters would not be interested and sympathizers would have no reason to read my gibberish.

Anyway, on to what I want to talk about.

I feel left out in church nowadays. Because, I feel like they’re not involving me as much as should be. Initially, I thought it was just my paranoia but now I’m convinced. Doesn’t it creep you out how old people harmonize perfectly in church? I mean today in church, the leader sang the intro to ‘Wo da so y3 Onyame.’ Just one line. No like let it sink in. One line ooo… In the Key of F or something like that. And as if conducted by some unforeseen hand or they had rehearsed it or something. I mean aren’t you supposed to even sing in unison first?

Oh and just like that, they just had to go straight to parts. Parts ooooo! And I’m not talking about the choir. This is the congregation I’m talking about here. Soprano, Alto, Tenor or whatever they say in music circles. It was amazing. Then it got freakish sort of.

Like when did they meet to go over the parts? And where was I? How did they even communicate it? Or there was a conference call on Skype or something? I mean they blended so flawlessly. And it was too good to be unrehearsed. Too good.

I finally got my superstition and I’m going to hang on to it till I find out just how they do it.

Thank you for making it thus far. Be sure to tell someone about the fam today. Join us on Facebook. Let’s meet in the comment section then?

6 thoughts on “The Cult of The Pentecost Church

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