Daddy’s Home


Happy Wednesday guys! Well this story might hit you hard a bit. But this goes out to all those who can connect to this story on many different levels. This is particularly dear to me because I’m trying a different style of writing. Also because, I got the idea from a story my baby told me. This month, we’re being visited by a very wonderful person- Thelma Agbakpe. You can check out her blog here. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

Evelyn had a great smile. But it disappeared every time she heard the word ‘father’. It was like she had been created that way. I never understood her anyway. Well not until I met Daddy. I realise I have more in common with her-Evelyn. The things he told me on that lovely Thursday afternoon. I had never seen mummy so excited. At least it had been a while she smiled that way. I only remember her face lighting up again when Daddy won the lottery. And it had been a long pause between those two smiles.

I thought Daddy brought good tidings. This wasn’t how the movies went. It wasn’t how the screenplay rolled out. Daddy was supposed to be the bringer of good news. The one superhero who came out of nowhere. And Mummy filled my head with so many good stories- of their glory days.

Big brother Kevin was not much of a talker and he didn’t say much about Daddy. He was old enough to remember when he left and what he was like. But he didn’t say much. But the smile he had on when he saw him again, was priceless.

I was the only one at sea when I saw him. Everyone else was happy to see him. Everyone! It was like the scene in that favourite drama movie where the father finally accepted his son for who he was and gave a smile as wide as the equator. I wanted to smile too. I really did but I didn’t have enough reason to. At least I smiled because everyone else was smiling but I wanted my smile to be as wide as Big brother Kevin’s or Mummy’s.

Daddy brought a lot of happiness in his handbag. He had travelled overseas and now he was back. He complained about the struggle in getting around because everyone else spoke Mandarin or some other sort of gibberish. And when winter came, he would get cold feet, literally, and fall really sick. But now he was back and he dropped his raggity leather handbag by the side of the bed. It looked like it had a lot of stories in common with Daddy and had been virtually everywhere he had been.

But that was the last time he was to pick it up.

Friday came, then Saturday, then Sunday and just like clockwork, there were no smiles to go around anymore. At least not at home. I’d always loved being with my mates at school anyway. And that is why Evelyn was easy to talk to. She had a similar story that we never talked about. We knew better than to let our problems get in the way of our happiness. We’d talk about everything else, even Selorm with the tear in his uniform shorts.

Even big brother Kevin talks less now. But who would blame him after his ordeal with Daddy the last time. I wouldn’t even come back home if I were him. But he’s strong-Kevin. And all his pain goes into his beautiful writings. And the paintings on his wall make your soul tear up.

Last week I was happy. Because I saw a smile on Mummy’s face again. She hadn’t smiled like that since the day Daddy came back home. She hadn’t had enough reason to but last week, Daddy won the lottery. She smiled like it was her ticket to the better place that potbellied pastor always preached about. But Daddy being the man he was, turned it into a bitter aftertaste. I could feel the bile well up in Mummy’s throat when she heard that Daddy had spent half the money he won on beer and skimpy looking girls. I’d been sacked for not paying my fees and big brother Kevin had finals coming up. Things were hard and while God was working a miracle in our lives, Daddy was busy spending it all up.

I didn’t believe in God much but I knew He was around and only popped up when things got humanly impossible. He hadn’t been of much help anyway because Daddy was still around.

All I’ve got now is hope. And oh that cute boy in the glasses who sits at the back of the class. I could look at him all day. And Mummy’s strength and Big brother Kevin’s art. If God is out there and if He truly works miracles, well I need one now. Ever since  Daddy came home, he’s never stepped back out, except to have beer and chill. Coming back from school now, I don’t think I can face the fact that Daddy’s home.

I want him….. Gone!
Thank you for making thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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