Changes As I grow


Happy Wednesday Guys! I’m glad to put up a post. The way the days are speeding by these days is crazy. It was last Wednesday, just a couple of days ago. Anyway, a bunch of birthday celebrants and I want to wish them a Belated Happy Birthday: Kingsley Larbi, Dickson Elikplim Afetsi, Frema Freda and a host of others. Shouts going to all the new guys joining the fam and to the old guys holding us down, you guys are amazing. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

It’s a pretty awesome thing that we live in time and not eternity. That way, we’re at liberty to say things like, ‘I used to do that’ or ‘I hope to be this.’ Thinking back on the good life I’ve lived, a lot has changed. In those changes are similarities but don’t mind the wordplay. A lot has still changed.

In primary school, the guy who served the best sweets on his birthday got all the girls. That’s if he could squeeze in a couple of servings weekly at least; they became his minions. Forget all the theories by Freud or Erickson or Maslow, this one is mine.

He who bought the toffees, got the sweeties.

Don’t get me wrong, the nerds had some admiration during exams and class tests but brethren, it’s sad to say that these things weren’t daily bread back then. Class test na ye be di?

Then JHS came and fair enough, the girls upgraded. The little payments for Pre-tech handouts and lunch got their attention. I’m not trying to be chauvinistic or undermine the worth of girls but wode3 I’m coming. It’ll all make sense soon. The nerds were still in the background solving venn diagrams and reading Science in Scope.

SHS brought a slight twist to the plot. Now here’s where it got tricky. It’s unfortunate that I attended only the best Boys’ School in the world but admit it, a glow band or tag for a birthday present and their hearts were yours ‘forever’. the diligent ones went the extra  mile to get a flower that may have withered by the time Orbit or Connect decided to deliver the letter. Other than that, it was only a well designed letter and another for features and voila.The nerds were all the while undergoing try-outs for ‘Brilla.’ Either that or they were studying in one of the rooms of the most isolated blocks on campus.

But SHS also brought about a new crop of students- those discovering the love of God and realizing that He (God) isn’t as far away as they were taught in Sunday School. The love so strong it was there even while they didn’t know.

In the university now, it’s hard to say what gets these girls ticking. It’s a lot really. There’s having a car so they could take snaps in the front seat with seatbelts dividing their breasts and then there’s having to sort out bills at the cafeteria. (Looks like a way to a woman’s heart is food too.) It’s hard to say really. Get them the latest iPhone? You might get a few unexpected hi’s. This time, the nerds get a little recognition at least. A penny for you r thoughts but guess who and who become besties during exams?

Over here it’s really hard to see who’s a christian or not because everyone’s busy ‘blending.’ You see those who are unapologetic about their stand get tagged as ‘crife’ or ‘spirito’ or some other name that should be offensive but ends up otherwise. Then the ones who have finally blended in share instagram quotes once in a while about the love of Jesus and the need for Christ in your relationship.

Brethren, some of us have lived a life being shy of Jesus and His love. At the end of the day, we need to be able to get to a point where it’s either Jesus or nothing because quite frankly when you think about some of the things we did in SHS or JHS, they seem silly. It’s the same with our Christian walk of faith. Get to the point where you look back at some of the decisions you’ve made and they seem silly but you’re not worried because now you’ve got a force far above any that the world has witnessed or experienced. It’s that simple.

When all is said and done, would you be able to admit the love of God in the open and renounce the flings and pleasures? Would you have undergone all the ‘changes’ we’re supposed to undergo as we grow?

Thanks for making thus far. Tell a friend to tell and friend and if you didn’t know, you can join us of Facebook. Meanwhile, let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

14 thoughts on “Changes As I grow

  1. First time reading ur piece and trust me Ur words hit me like Zeus’s lightening bolt โšกโšกโšก. God bless u


  2. Jeffy! I always enjoy coming here. Great read! But. You talked of Christians “blending in” and I just want to say. Our faith in God, the One we love and serve is ours and ours alone. And how we go about living with that faith may vary but nonetheless, it’s the same God. What’s the difference if someone acts all “Chrife” in school but on Instagram (per the example you used), chooses to “blend in”. And if I’m right, to blend in, is to take on a worldly form, yes? So we can have people doing and professing a million and one things in the name of God but really, how many genuine hearts are loving Him as we should? But I wouldn’t call someone being “silent about their faith” (in some instances) blending. I keep saying this. It is not always shame that makes people act reserved on the delicate subject of religion. In fact, shame is probably one of the least reasons. There is just so so much more.


    1. You always have a way with words… It’s a great thing to see that there are so many sides to the same circle… I’m glad you chose to read and even more so commenting… God bless you… All I know is, He wants it all, IG or in person

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Awesome, great
    I like the way it ends… There’s always that final moment to decide! Who knows if Master Jesus is coming tomorrow…


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