Single, Married & Complicated

Happy Wednesday guys! First of all, I’m sorry for not posting on Sunday. I can officially say now that I have a phone problem. Not that it’s going to stop me but it might affect posting for a while. Happy birthday in advance to Henrietta Nortey and Naana Asabea Tanor. Nowadays looks like everyone’s talking about relationships and how marriage is an end game. I wanna follow that ladder today and see where it leads. Lest I forget, please do tell a friend about the Ten thoughts family. You can follow the blog here or like our page on Facebook. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

Growing up, I was taught that the Human’s nature is complex. An average human undergoes diverse changes; emotionally, physically and mentally on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that humans enjoy a good complication. Don’t get me wrong, not all complications are a welcome phenomenon. However, the point here is simple.

Take sports for instance. It probably started out as a ball getting hit around with a piece of wood or something of the sort. Then out of no where, someone invented trick shots. Rivalries were formed, the history of which are quite foggy in our memories but complicated to say the least.

Even in education, math for example. It started out as just simple addition of numbers. Then division, then subtraction, then multiplication and ultimately calculus.

Somehow every invention has graduated from simple to complicated. And perhaps the most rewarding feeling comes from being able to overcome these complexities that have been established over the years. Like that moment when you’re able to unravel the mystery behind the epiglottis in human anatomy or pull off a combo in god of war. It’s just…. Epic!

The issue here however is how people get into complicated relationships. It’s strange hearing statements like “He’s not really my boyfriend” or “We just be paddies but we dey do tins.” Friends have benefits, no doubt. But when these benefits are acknowledged and the tag is given to a particular brethren, then we have friends who hitherto, are supposed to be in the unspoken category of beneficiary or benefactor.

Looks like the new jam everyone is nodding their head to. No one is truly ever single nowadays. They are either in a relationship, or it’s complicated. The singles almost always have someone lurking in the dark, giving them emotional support(the kind that someone more than a friend gives), and/or sexual gratification.

You see, one thing I’ve learned, the hard way for that matter, is that, sin just needs a little chance. It’s like that very dangerous striker in football. A quarter of half a chance and well, you’re grovelling deep in it. Funny enough, it feels so right. No attachment, no obligations; just pleasure served on a platter. But brethren, is that all life’s worth to you???

Here’s one thing I’ve been made to understand: Christianity is a walk of faith and discipline. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs and of course very regrettable moments but hey, if I could come out of it and be writing about this, you think you’re worse and you can’t come out?? Laughable.

Listen! Look deep within yourself. It doesn’t have to be his complicated. It’s as simple as the English alphabets. Don’t wallow in complication. Define your worth. You’re a child of the King. You know what that means? Think about it a sec. 

Don’t settle for less!

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