Oh My God!

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Happy Sunday Guys! Happy New Month too. This last half of the year is going to be spectacular. I thank God that the blog is growing. It’s been what? Five months already? Shiiish! God is good. Let’s still keep the vibe going. Tell a friend to be a part of this wonderful family. Subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook. Let me use this opportunity to explain the absence of Nana Akua. She’ll be back later on and you won’t even have enough of her when she does. All the same, she can’t be joining us so frequently nowadays. I’m talking plenty sef. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

Oh My God! That’s the meaning of OmG right? It’s used when expressing a feeling that’s overwhelming, usually surprise. Or just an unexplainable feeling. Again it can be used to express frustration and a whole lot of other things depending on the situation and how you say it. 

Here’s where it gets interesting. The phrase is like second nature to a lot of people. Much like “Awurade Mewu” or “I die finish.” It’s caught on with a lot of people and has even been given a place in the shorthand hall of fame.

While all these are in fact confessions, let’s take a minute to break it down. Language I’ve been told is very important. It’s the only way we get to know. It may be a barrier, yes, but it helps us to do some very awesome things. On the surface, language (made up of mainly words), just helps us to be expressive of desires -things we want others to know, how we feel, things we want to know etc. But this is not a presentation a Theories of Communications class so I’ll skip all the lecture.

Going deeper, we see that language, and words for that matter, help us get things done. Spiritually, they’re called confessions. Any other domain, they’re probably instructions or comments or some other name I can’t remember right now.

My point is, the expression has become just “one of those things.” Placing value on it brings up the question, “Who/What is ‘God’ in our lives?” Take a moment and soak it in. 

Like really, when you make the pronouncement, what really is your “God?” In his song, Oh, Jonathan McReynolds makes a profound statement that I think we should all consider for a moment.

See there are a lot of substitute gods
That someone’s going to worship
And it ain’t even funny
They’re wasting their money
On a trend they just now heard of…

A lot of us have so many things replacing God in our lives. I’m not so far off from this trend but you see, this is what I’ve noticed. It’s either your car, or house or your phone or boss or some boy or girl, taking the foremost priority in your life. 

That secret addiction, that series or the snack you can’t live without. Or maybe you’re just too focused on making your relationship work out; perhaps you need to do extra just so you’re sure of the promotion at work.

Brethren, my point here is, don’t get too busy with other things so much so God becomes a weekly affair. If He’s truly “Your God” as you exclaim He is, don’t relent on your efforts to tell the world so. Don’t get too engrossed with Snapchat or Instagram. Don’t keep your Bible at the bottom part of your book pile. Don’t let it be the least used app on your phone.
It’s a daily affair you need to have with Him. He wants to hear your good mornings and the essays behind your sighs. He wants to make that big decision for you. Even that one about which striped shirt to wear. He wants it all. Aaaaaaallllllllllll! Notice it’s not some part or most parts or a lot of it; He wants it all.

So next time you say “Oh My God”, even if it’s out of exasperation, let it really be Him please? 

He wants to be your God!

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet up in the comment section then shall we? And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and like us on Facebook.

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