Before the Final Stage

Happy Sunday Guys! I’m glad we are meeting again today. Apologies for failing to post on Wednesday. Let’s just say, time flew too fast. Anyway, on to today’s post. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

Joel Embiid is nicknamed “The Process” or more elaborately “Trust The Process.” With a style of play and story much similar to NBA great, Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon, it was only natural that the two be likened. Interestingly, Hakeem was nicknamed “The Dream.” But you see, something interesting happened in Embiid’s rookie year. Injury!

For two years, the rookie didn’t play. No gym. No court. Nothing. Just regular check ups at the hospital and a healthy diet. For two years. 

But the story takes an interesting twist when Embiid begins to return to full fitness. The training, the workout sessions that felt like death sentences. 

To cut a long story short, Embiid has returned to the NBA and well, let’s just say I’ve never seen a centre play like he has. Field goals, three pointers, blocks, assists; you name it.

You see, much like Embiid, many of us want to do things- sing, play an instrument, play sports etc. We’re blessed with talent and all the looks to go with it. We are usually very zealous to be seen, especially when it comes to working for God. 

But how many of us are willing, patient and humble enough to undergo the process before the stage. The extra laps on the court, the extra scales in the studio or in church, the extra techniques. 

Many of us are looking to give testimonies and lead millions in worship but we’re unwilling to “trust the process.” 

In the famous words of Kobe Bryant

Hardwork beats talent. When talent fails to work hard.

Not too many of us are willing to undergo the process. 

Imagine the flop Embiid would have been if he decided not to train because he would be returning to the NBA two years after his colleagues had started to as it were, “replay” his rookie year. 

My Bebe, my guy, just because there’s someone else on stage right now doesn’t mean your time won’t come. Just because all the attention seems to be on that lady with the angelic voice, doesn’t mean you should stop working on yourself. 

One of the perks of being Christian is choosing to mature. And maturity is understanding that there’s a time frame provided for everyone to work on his/her act. Every single one of us. 

Jesus being God, could have decided to live on physically on earth forever. But no. He decided to spend all those years just for a ministry that lasted about three years. Just look at that. Not even up to the time frame between two World cup competitions. 

So brethren, the fact that no one is knocking on your door to write articles or record voice overs doesn’t mean you should stop. The fact that the MD doesn’t always call on you to lead a song doesn’t mean he hates you or that you can’t sing half as well. It’s your cue to go back to the drawing board. To work on yourself while “trusting the process.”

I would quote scripture, but I think you know more than I do. I only needed to remind you.

God bless you.

Thanks for making it thus far, let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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