Dirty Linen

Happy Sunday guys! I’m glad to be spending your Sunday evening with you. Today, I’m just gonna cut to the chase. No long talk. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

There comes a time in life where you are at your lowest low. You reach the point where you feel dirty and unworthy. Like, you know there can’t be a point lower than where you’ve reached. 

Sometimes, life just mocks you and you sink even lower. Other times, there’s really no more space so you can’t go further down. All you can do is sulk or continue to feel dirty. Trust me, I’ve been there. More times than you can count.

Sometimes it’s not that I don’t wanna get back up and be ‘ogyacious’. It’s just that, I want to sulk a bit more. I want to”feel dirty” a bit more. Sounds crazy I know, but it is what it is.

It’s like when you fall sick. You hate the feeling of being helpless and all, but on the bright side, you don’t get to do any work and everyone is literally at your beck and call. That feeling is nice. It can get too comfortable. So much so, you might get well and be able to move around but to everyone else, you’re sick and about to die.

It’s the same with getting knocked down. Being covered in the guilt of that sin you told yourself you won’t do again. Or that particular addiction you thought was over. You may just want to be there a little longer. And to top it all off, you go to church or a prayer meeting, somehow miraculously and things are so different. 

It’s funny how perspective changes with how we feel. So when the ‘ogyacious’ prayer leader how’s like, “We’re going to pray,” after 20 ‘grueling’ minutes of partaking in something you don’t even feel attached to, it hits you. Wait what?! So all along what were we doing? This guy? 

Everything seems to be so distant. And you just can’t explain it. If, God help you, you become irritable then you blow up at the least agitation. And the list goes on and on and on and on.

What I’m trying to say is, life is like those times when you sneak to the living room with your siblings to watch ALL NIGHT LONG on Metro TV. You’re no too concerned with the sound, as long as you’re not caught. You and your siblings, finally agreeing to come together.

Brethren, what I mean to say is, the reason why it looks like you’re hard pressed and always “under attack”, is because you’re not of the devil. You’ve agreed with God to watch your life progress smoothly and aren’t too concerned with the sounds coming elsewhere. There’s no reason for God to attack you or punish you because you’re his.

It’s a pain watching all those good things happen to you so the devil comes along the and tries to push you off the speeding bus. Iy dey bash am sey your life dey go on betters.

But you see the devil is not so wise. You’ve already admitted that you’re a sinner and can’t make life on your own. That’s why you need God. So He brings in this guilt. Here’s where things get tricky. 

Dwelling in guilt and trying to sulk a little while longer is like being pushed off a moving vehicle and crying because your favourite shirt got ripped or your shoes got torn. Bruh, you’re better than that. You’ve been pushed off a moving vehicle for crying out loud. Cry about the broken bones and the torn skin. Oh wait, that’s right, there’s nothing to cry about because His stripes healed you and His blood has completed the good work that was started on the cross.

You might think it’s understandable. But is it really??

Don’t get too comfortable with the guilt. The fact that you’re feeling guilty is the more reason why you need to bath in prayer. You’re never too dirty.

Stay prayed up!

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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