Preparing  for war?? 

Happy Tuesday guys! This hiatus has been just too crazy and I cannot even begin to find the right explanation as to why it happened, so I’ll just cut to the chase and say I am sorrryyyy.😢 Real sorry. But I’m back now and this week, I decided to try another style of writing. I hope you enjoy it and are blessed by it. Let’s go!

Araba could just not contain her excitement. The decorations, the lights, the food, the cake, her dress and even her guests; everything was to perfection. It was just like the one in her dreams but way better. Not only was she getting married to the love of her life but her father had spared no expense in making sure his princess got the fairy tale wedding she so dreamt of. This wedding was sure to reign on many instagram pages and entertainment blogs for weeks to come. As she giddily read out her vows, she stared into the eyes of the man she was pledging to spend the rest of her life with and prayed that the happiness she felt inside was going to last forever.

Fast –forward 5 years later and Araba could not believe she was here. The desk, the crammed space, the sofa, the stuffy carpet and the man who was now peering down at them from his glasses; it was worse than she had dreaded. Her marriage had crash landed and they were in a counsellor’s office trying to put the scattered pieces back together. Though from the look of things, this counsellor wasn’t going to be of much help.Araba could not believe she was about to become a statistic- a divorce statistic!!

IT IS BETTER TO PREPARE THAN TO REPAIR!! I’ve had this statement thrown at me constantly ever since I was 13. Of course, at that age, when my then teens pastor; Pastor Jones Boakye first made that profound statement, my young developing mind could only relate it to examinations. My biggest life goal then was to pass my BECE and to be raptured in case Jesus happened to come before I wrote the exams.😶 Therefore, anytime I heard that statement my natural response was to vow to study more and prepare more for the BECE.
Presently, upon reflection I realise that this statement applies to every single area of our lives. The area I want to zone in on though is the area of marriage😚. We all want to get married someday, (ok not all but most of us do), however,  if we took an exam to see how really prepared we were for it; most of us would get F’s in chains. And the sad part? We don’t even know we are not prepared!!😭

I once read that Bishop David Oyedepo said he read 33 or 35 books, I can’t remember the exact figure, on marriage before he got married!!That’s some serious business charlei!If even this anointed and great man of God read this number of books to prepare, then we are joking if we are letting Hollywood, Nollywood and all the woods tell us how our marriages and relationships should be.
Marriage is an institution created by God. Nobody knows the way a machine should work like the way the maker does and so we need to seek God’s guidance on the way things should go. There is nothing like over preparation or too much knowledge. You can never know enough. You’ll always find something new. Read books, and if books aren’t your thing, listen to messages or audio books, talk to people whose marriages have survived and even those whose marriages failed so you can learn from their mistakes.

People! I cannot overemphasize the importance of preparation enough. The man who takes things as they come is no match for the man who prepares. The man who prepares falls but does not take long to rise up again. The man who prepares is not stuck in a cycle of one step forward and three steps backwards. The man who is prepared is not taken by unpleasant surprises. We cannot but prepare! In a generation where divorce has become the rule and we all hope to be the exception, we should ask ourselves what we are doing differently to make sure our case is different. If we are dependent on chick flicks, romance novels and stories for how our marriages should pan out then we are already on a speeding train to divorce town even before we consider getting married.

Your marriage can make you miserable or content the rest of your days.Lets learn from the right sources and let us arm ourselves for battle so we don’t look like lost soldiers on the battle field!

                                         ~Nana Akua ~

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