The Art of Spending

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I’m back! Did you miss me? Of course you did. Lol… Thanks for holding out the door for me. My return is not glorious without you. Work took me away a while but I’m back and school will be resuming soon. Let’s just hope for the best ok? Bless! I wrote this back in shs. Waaaaaaaaaaaay back. I decided to put it up as it is. So you can appreciate how far I’ve come as a writer. I’m tempted to tweak it so bad because there are somethings I wrote back then that I’d write differently now.  Anywho… Let’s get to reading then shall we?

Money! Somehow, over the course of evolution, spending has become heavily linked with money. We have narrowed our consideration to legal tender and have failed to see the bigger picture. Even with the ‘carefreeness’ of a myopic standing, just a few of us have taken reigns of mastery over this art of spending-money. The few who do, stand out as wealthy or, wise risk-takers.

We have failed to acknowledge the other details of spending-life, time, resources… just to name a few. Like every other art, spending demands a great deal of dedication and discipline. It demands a strict adherence to rules. Rules governing issues being spent and the circumstances and surroundings involved.

A story is told of a man, who spent His life, giving it away. Two thousand years later, some of us try so fruitlessly to emulate Him in the faith of Christianity because we fail to magnify the smallest detail that made all the difference-Love. We set selfish goals of moving crowds to tears with powerful speeches; reaching statuses of self-actualisation, yet we have not, enough compassion to extend an arm of help without request. We fall short of satisfaction because we fail to spend the reservoir of love given us. 

A Chinese proverb puts it this way;

“Good people are like clouds. They receive just to give away.”

What good is it, if one has a full reservoir of love with the intention of using it later when it is really needed now?

A man once said,

“Love is not emotion. Love is action.”

So next time you think of spending; next time you hear of spending, think of the other elements you can spend and how worthwhile they will be in the end. Think about the content of love left in your reservoir.

“The measure of man’s love is not how much he gives, but how much he has left after giving.”

It is time to pick up the reigns of mastery. To live a life of dedication and discipline, over the art of mastery in the different elements there are to spend.
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4 thoughts on “The Art of Spending

  1. Jeffy! The younger writer in you certainly knew a great deal! It’s as though this was written today! I get so happy when somehow, you create content just along the line of what has been on my mind for days. This is a thought provoking post! I’d just like to add that the motive for giving is as relevant as the act of giving itself. No matter how much of ourselves we give out, how much we pour and pour out of our reservoir, the motive behind our actions goes a long way in determining the kind of people we are & are becoming.


    1. Oh my… Why didn’t I see this earlier?! To be honest your comment just lit up my face and as always you say a lot more with far less. God bless you for your sincerity and your addition.


  2. Its very impressive and thought provoking. If indeed it was written back in high school. Then you been creative for long😃. The content is apt!


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