Acceptance… Divine Acceptance!

Happy Wednesday peeps! It’s wonderful to keep coming your way week after week. Oh and Belated Happy New month too! Here’s to all my silent readers and the ones who PM me when there’s been silence on the blog for a while. You guys are the real MVP’S. Thank you so much. I’m happy to say that the blog is growing bigger. But enough of the long talk. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

During my time away at Swedru I noticed a very wonderful thing. Aside the fact that it was a festive season and everyone was making merry and the whole cliché tradition that comes with festive seasons, they were all united. Aside all the other things that united them, it was really one song that brought everyone together. 

The one corner song by Patapaa just brought out the same reaction from every single indigene in Swedru. It’s just… Wow! And I’ve seen the hashtag going round with people doing their own thing with the song. My focus really is simple. How it must feel for Patapaa, being accepted and all. 

Because in my view, Patapaa was the shut down artiste for every event that was organised all through the Akwambo festival. Same act, same reaction; every single time. 

So in one of such performances, I just switched out and wondered how it felt like for the other artistes who didn’t even move a fly when they mounted the stage. It’s not like it was a different stage. 

Although I don’t like the song because I think that it’s too raw, I can’t ever influence an indigene of swedru with my view. I just can’t. They know the song. They’ve heard it. They jam to it every single time it’s played. And it’s like every time the song is stated, even if it’s been played a hundred times over, they get reinvigorated each single time to dance with the same level of energy.

 This is also true for us Christians although some of us haven’t come to accept the fact that we’re Christians. Hold up! Lemme explain. So here’s the thing. God’s got us. Yeah true! But it looks as if we’re dependent on the situation and environment, to show whether or not, we have God. But you see, just like I can’t influence an indigene from swedru that Patapaa’s song is not as nice as has been hyped, I believe we shouldn’t also be influenced into believing anything less. How??

Jam to Him through His word. It’s there for a reason. Read it. Feel it. And eventually you’ll begin to be it. When that happens you realise a certain level of common ground you find with God and how easier it becomes to accept Him regardless of the situation. Mind you, whether or so or saint, He’s accepted you. But it’s left with letting go of every shackle and well, reacting the same way every single time you hear the Good News about Him no matter how many times you’ve heard about it.

Thanks for making it thus far people! Let’s meet in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Acceptance… Divine Acceptance!

  1. Not every one might have jammed to the song at the same time, with the same line. Reaction, over reaction and under reaction or non reaction. Same with Christianity.


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