Review of Dear Future Wife Video


Happy Wednesday guys. I missed you all and as a gift for my unannounced absence, here’s a review of a piece done by Koo Kumi. Let’s get to reading then shall we?


Dear Future Wife!

A stunning representation of a brilliantly put together piece of poetry; putting it mildly, that is.

First of all, it is a very refreshing piece. It’s originality and timeliness is impeccable. Looking at the fact that society has placed so much value on marrying and getting married. Koo Kumi takes a detour off the yellow brick road as dictated by society, and talks about his intentions of being the “one” to his “DEAR FUTURE WIFE.”

But of course, everyone’s intentions are pure. Except that in this piece, Koo spoke truth and portrayed it.

“Dear Future Wife…

I will rate and rank you before the love of my mother.

Before I was a thought in the brain of my parents.

God showed my mother love to save me egg….

So Dear Future Wife,

I knew love before I was a fetus in Mama’s womb.

Dear Future Wife,

I won’t love you more than my mother.

For from her ins I came,

Came through her wide open for the whole world to see

What needs to be seen- Me…”

Then again, he understood that, as is with almost every human construct, there are problems. Children, external influences, blah blah blah. It’s a really difficult skill, trying to say so much in so little. But Koo Kumi can effectively say what he has to say in Four (4) minutes and Forty-nine (49) seconds.

The poetic display was refreshing to say the least. The deep baritone voice, the smooth, synth background music; it was simply… Splendid! Nicely Done. And I felt a part of the video from start to finish. From the props used to the camera angles to the transitions; everything was just enough to feel a part of the video.

The whole thing carried a kind of 18th-century-21st-century-hipster kind of vibe in it. Like a mixture of Game of Thrones and Modern Family all in one beautifully crafted display. It was real cool. I believe that the whole concept of the piece was well portrayed in the video. It could have extended a while into a movie and I wouldn’t mind. The attention to detail! The transitions! The camera stability so that no shot was out of frame because of the camera shaking. Blurring out and blurring in; Brilliant. I’m being repetitive, I know but, everything in the video was well planned. Bravo!

The fonts used in the beginning and all through the video were also very inviting. Like hey! I’m a nice font; Don’t look away. I like the whole concept of shooting it in a house and portraying different times in the growth of the relationship. I feel that it is fresh and apt enough to get the message through to a like-minded creative or just about anyone else, really. The color saturation was just enough and so it didn’t hurt the eyes when viewing it. The sound quality was Hollywood standard. It flowed right into the motion picture. It didn’t seem odd or out of place.

Speaking as a fellow creative, I believe that every scene in the video corresponded to the words that were being said.

“…Dear Future Wife,

If the stars are like the diamonds in the sky,

Then the sun is a gold in the sky,

The moon, the platinum.

I will give you the sky as a treasure box,

And say this is how long our marriage will last.”

For the wordplay and pun that dwelt around the celestial bodies, I love what was done with the bulb and whatever prop was used.

Our Dear Future Wife was beautiful and had a great smile.

I think that when Dear Future Husband was with his squad, some of us wanted more to really see the different hand greetings with had with the different members of his squad. We wanted to see it. But I guess you can’t always have what you want.

Typing out some of the words of the poem was genius. Showing it just in time as the Spoken word piece rolled by in the background was a different level. Not just that, I think that the ending was classic.

“…In my fantasies,

Nella Fantasia.

We may forget the names of our children,

But we will never forget our names.

The dates, the time, the manner, the look,

The everything that happened on the first day

The first date, The wedding day!”

Of course, being Christian, I would expect that this should make sense naturally. The brilliant metaphor used in these lines just amaze me. How descriptions can be so subtle yet so picturesque. Taking your time through the lines just give you an idea of the sort of person the poet is.

I would recommend this piece, especially the video, to students in creative arts schools and students studying just about anything else. To those who have a knack for great poetry and good vibes. To parents, who may want to start talking to their wards about life outside the family. To teachers, employees and employers alike. To everyone looking for a getaway from the stress of life. To those who want to live out a good story outside of theirs. And of course, to my DEAR FUTURE WIFE.


Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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