Christian Mythology

Happy Sunday People. Of course my condolences goes out to the injured and those who passed in yesterday’s disaster. Let’s just get to reading then, shall we? No long talk.

Imagine a world filled with glory and love for Zeus or Ra or Horus. So much awe and worship given to all these gods. It existed a couple of thousand years ago- this world. Guess the only remains of these gods are what we see in movies and what we read online. 

Someway, somehow, all these deities who were oh so loved and feared are now nothing but characters in movies and content for blogs and history classes. I’m pretty sure people killed for them. Literally!

The kind of reverence they have to all these names. It’s not a joking somethings.

Anyway let’s consider a few thousand years ahead, if Jesus tarries of course. Christian Mythology! Oh it’s possible. Well that’s if we don’t talk about Jesus enough and spread the good news.

And don’t think they wouldn’t do a fine job in the movies.

Lord of the first sons, and of the Christians. Born of a virgin and lived blameless. Dwelt amongst men for a time and then left. The forgiver of sins and reconciler onto the supreme Lord…

And all the other appellations they might include in the script. I’m just imagining all the illustrations and all the artworks that would flood the media when they’re about to release the movie. 

Just because we didn’t talk about Jesus enough.

Just because we didn’t go the extra mile for the gospel.

And I’m pretty sure there’d be a blog post about how Jesus ‘used to be’ loved all over the earth and people died for Him.

Guys, to be honest we need to be up and doing. You can’t come and be going just like that. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell their fam. Chale let’s not relax ooo…

People need to experience Jesus.

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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