The Priest, The Levite and… You!

Happy Sunday guys! I’m glad we’re meeting at this time of the year. It’s been a whole year of ups and downs and well, here we are. Merry Christmas! A belated happy birthday to Esther Arthur-Swanzy, Rahaina Tourosung, Juliana Oparebea and Gabriella Blay. Let’s get to reading then shall we?

In the parable of the good Samaritan, there were three characters. Basically it was just to show how we need to be each other’s keeper. And it was in response to a question that came to Jesus from one man looking to tempt Him. Sometimes I think we humans are the funniest breed of creation. Lol mandem was walking on water and turning water to wine and things but you still want to test him. Is your sense intact?? But anyway…  Back to the issue. 

So in one of the papers I wrote this semester, I was like the star boy. Everyone was calling me up to help them with one thing or the other. There was a particular example I kept giving to a particular question. Then the day of the paper when I got to campus, I heard something totally different from what I initially said. I knew because it had the same elements of the example I gave but a different explanation, a different approach and a totally different meaning to what I was looking to project. 

Brethren, we’re tired of the “pastor said” or “the man of God said”. The Priest dierrrrr, he’s there. The Levites too they have based in their one corner. What are you doing? It’s left with you p3? 

It’s time we build a personal relationship with God. Because just like the example I gave, if we keep hearing what God said from other people and not from His Spirit, then we’d be exposed to their prejudice and all the things that influence their understanding. We need to get connected to the source and not be tapping halfway along the line.

Fam this is really important, more so to you. Imagine someone saying that the Holy Spirit was an “it”. Somebody should just hold me now….

Imagine if this person had a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit… Whoever told him what he has now come to accept as the truth, would have been hospitalised.

I’m not saying I’m totally right. Actually, I’m just on a journey of being less wrong each time I learn something new. Besides whatever inspiration I get is open to my interpretation and the kind of things I’m exposed to.

But if the Holy Spirit is speaking to you every step of the way as you read this, imagine how much fun this would be and all the genuine angles we could get to this.

Brethren, this is very important. I’m developing my relationship with the Holy Spirit. What about you?

Thanks for making it thus far, let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

4 thoughts on “The Priest, The Levite and… You!

  1. Jeffy! Thank you so much for writing this! I totally agree to knowing the Lord for ourselves. He is ours and we are His. What better way to seal such an inheritance than by opening up our hearts in invitation? I pray we become a people so moved by a thirst to know God that someone else’s version of the story (however valid and empowering and Spirit-led) is just not enough until we sit with our God and seek the truth for ourselves. Thanks once again!


    1. Thank you too Try. You always know how to make a better point in such short space as the comments… God bless you for commenting


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