The Priest, The Levite and… You! Pt. II

Happy Wednesday Guys! Oh, and a Happy Christmas as well to you. Given all the debate about whether Jesus really was born in December and stuff, I’d just like to put you at ease and tell you that I’m not talking about that. However I’ll make a point about it. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

The story begins with a man on his way to Jericho. He’s a guest speaker for some eyi bi and well on his way he meets some robbers who don’t take it easy on him at all. They rob and beat him till he’s half dead. So that first half of the story is done.

In comes a spirit-filled ‘ogyacious’ priest. White robe, white beard and all, walking like the ground is, well.. You get the picture, don’t you? Mandem also has to deliver a sermon somewhere around Jericho. He doesn’t even stop to look at the half dead man. He just gives some light wiper and he’s on his way.

Then a Levite comes in. Now a modern day Levite in my opinion will be a church worker; Instrumentalists, sound engineers, cleaners, the whole bunch. So the Levite is also also probably late for rehearsals somewhere around Jericho or he has some really important gig bi. He also passes by the half dead man, looks at him and is well on his way. He can’t be bothered.

Then you enter the scene. Yes you! In all your human glamour and intellectual capacity. You probably have something important doing too but before you make any sudden decisions lemme give you a story from an alternate dimension. 

A Samaritan walks in and well he really has no business with the man. He’s a very influential guy cos he has to be guest speaker at a conference. Given the bad blood between Jews and Samaritans, mandem was allowed to even finish off the half dead man who happened to be Jew. First thing that happened was that, this Samaritan was filled with compassion.

I’ll skip the speech and all that because I’m sure you know the parable of the GOOD Samaritan and how it’s supposed to portray neighbourliness. Well, looking back at it, it’s also to portray obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

Who else fills us with compassion? After all the heart of man is evil and desperately wicked. Till you develop a relationship with Christ, that’s all your heart’s going to be. And there’ll be all these comparisons and unnecessary stuff to weigh you down, unless you have a personal relationship with Christ. Have you ever met anyone who makes you wonder whether you read your Bible? Or perhaps all you know about your Christian walk is stuff you’ve heard from other people. What happened to hearing from the Holy Spirit? 

I admit He speaks to us in diverse ways but then how do we know unless we have a relationship? 

To be very honest when you think hard about everything, Christmas doesn’t really make sense and well Easter doesn’t either. But when we’re talking spirituality you dare bring common sense? Besides isn’t that why we so badly need grace? Because quite rightly if we’re to look through every single thing that ever is or has been, as a human construct, none of it makes sense and it’ll take too much to correct it.

So there it is brethren, before you even enter the scene with a half dead man on the floor, develop your relationship with God. Hear from Him and know what to do when you get there.

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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