The Only Way Is Up

Happy Wednesday guys! For those of you who don’t know, the blog is turning a year in February. And to celebrate this massive milestone, I’ll be sharing another series with you. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?
Nowadays everyone’s a philosopher or a motivational speaker; on their timeline, on their stories, on their status and even their Facebook posts have to be some fancy inspirational stuff. Don’t get me wrong, we could all use some inspiration here or there but when “everyone’s” trying to be inspiring? Cmon now!

I love social media. Well because I have something to work on as my project work and well, because I get to reach more people and make impact. Which has always been my prayer. So it doesn’t matter if two people read the blog, as long as their lives are impacted.

Here’s the thing though, a lot of us are itching to come across some fancy writing that’s talking about something we’re going through so we can take screenshots and share when really we don’t take time to even chew on the words. 

It’s great and all but brethren we’ve got to think it through sometimes. Some of these posts are really unforgiving when you think about them. They give you no room for mistakes, which is good. But what if you do make a mistake? Then what? That’s what they don’t make provision for.

Well fam, here’s the thing it can’t get any worse than it already is when you make the mistake. It can’t go any further downhill. Because you’re on the ground. And while it may look comfortable and feel “homy”, you really won’t like it that much. Trust me on this one. You’ll be tempted to not give a care and try and dwell on that emptiness you’ll feel.

You’re already down, you might as well lay on your back and make sand angels or snow angels depending on the time of the year and where you find yourself, literally. 

But you see that’s what Grace is for right? When you think about it, we might actually be wrong about a lot of things; we fall through loopholes and fall short everyday. But then the provision of Grace gives us a lifeline, a hand to pull us back up. 

Because brethren, when you’re down, the only way is up. You can decide to roll from side to side but you’re still basically on the ground. The only way to make real progress is by getting up. 

Open your heart, close your eyes, get on you knees if possible and speak out your remorse. Because after your prayer, sent in Jesus’ name, the peace of God just comes rushing in and wrapping your heart.

You might be at your lowest low but that’s not such a bad thing because then, you know what you have to do.

The question is, are you gonna do it? Because getting up is a lot harder than falling flat on your face. And next time you’re scrolling through some fancy Instagram page with great quotes, even with no room for failure, it’s ok. You’ll fall, you’ll slack but when you do, you just need to get back up and dust yourself. Keep moving because the only way is up.

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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