Finding Ruth….

Heyyy guys!!!Happy New Year!!I know its a bit late for that but it’s still a new year so….Aaand..I cant believe it’s been a year already! some of us have been very inconsistent, myself , to be precise and I apologise deeply for that! Needless to say we’re really grateful to God and to all of you for your support. We hope for bigger and better this year! Lets get to reading then

Most of us know the story of Ruth and Boaz. They’re like the Christian Romeo and Juliet. Except their end wasn’t tragic and no one died before their time. When it comes to dating, waiting and marriage in Christian circles,a lot of reference is made to the story of Ruth and Boaz. We usually hear things like waiting for your Boaz, praying for your Boaz among many others

And why not? I mean the story of Ruth and Boaz is a beautiful love story that tells us that God will not forget us in our worst moments and will give us the best. If you are not too familiar with the Ruth and Boaz story you can always check it out here. If you are ,let’s proceed

Now what I want to zone in on is the fact that there are so many ladies out there waiting, hoping and praying for Boaz when they themselves are no Ruth’S. By Ruth, I don’t mean a widow who had nothing but the many beautiful things about her character that we could all take a page or two from. I sometimes wonder what makes us think that just because we have expectations for guys with our gigantic lists, they also don’t have expectations of us. The Mantra for most of us is “Be Perfect but accept me for my flaws” and that’s just really unfair. If you require perfection, be perfect yourself. There are some things we want to see in ‘the perfect guy’ but this ‘perfect guy’is looking out for certain things too. What im trying to say is We all want Boaz but Boaz also wants Ruth.Therefore, let us consider a thing or two about Ruth’s character.

First of, Aunty Ruth was loyal, like crazy loyal! She told Naomi that she was going to go wherever she went ,Her people were going to be her people and she was going to die where Naomi dies. If that doesn’t scream loyal, I don’t know what does. I mean c’mon! Her husband, Naomi’s son, was dead. There was nothing Naomi had to offer her. They were both widows except that Ruth was much younger and could easily remarry yet she chose to follow Naomi to a place where she basically knew nobody. Now Are we loyal? Or do we just jump ship when we see that things are a bit rocky only to resurface when things are much smoother? You’re probably in a group, a ministry, a church or you have some friends and things aren’t really going great . Don’t conveniently disappear and reappear shamefully when things are much better. Stay. Be loyal. Stick with it. Things will not be terrible forever. They’ll definitely get better. That is not to say hang on to toxic relationships and associations. Be sensitive to tell the difference between a toxic group and when you are just going through a rough patch. Loyalty is attractive.😉

Another thing about Sister Ruth was that she didn’t just sit around, folding her arms, waiting for things to happen. She was pretty disadvantaged you see;a widow with no son in a foreign land. Who was going to employ her? But she picked herself up and decided to go to the fields to collect the leftover grains no matter how dangerous it might have been. It was there she met Boaz. So my dear sisters, we cant keep folding our arms and continue to be lazy physically, spiritually and emotionally and giving every excuse we can think of. Oya! Get up and do that thing God has called you to do.

Finally(there’s a whole lot more but for brevity sake we have to do everything kpa kpa kpa), Mama Ruth( this is my favourite among all the titles😁, was selfless. She didn’t do things for her “temporary happiness”. See here was the case where she had already met Boaz and a connection had been established. His heart was already doing the milli rock and she too she was feeling this rich and kind uncle. But even when she made him know she was available to marry him, as was their custom, He told her to hold on. This was because there was a way things were done. There was another man who was next in line among his kinsmen to marry Ruth, If he declined then they could proceed with their love. Actually, this trait cuts across for both Boaz and Ruth. They did not display that selfish kind of Hollywood love where they damned the consequences and decided that their love was all that mattered and everyone else could go to hell. If anyone got in their way, they’d eliminate that person and kill themselves or threaten to, Romeo and Juliet style! No, they respected the way things ought to be and guess what? The person next in line said he didn’t want to marry Ruth, probably because he wasn’t in God’s plan for Ruth. Like it or not, our actions and inactions affect those around us. We’ve got to be considerate of others because no one lives in a vacuum. Don’t live for your happiness alone sacrificing everyone else on your alter of Happiness. Selflesss people have Joy and that’s much more permanent than happiness!

I hope this blesses you.Dont forget to share if it does.

☆Nana Akua .☆

9 thoughts on “Finding Ruth….

  1. Wow! “We all want Boaz but Boaz also wants Ruth!!” Amazing perspective, God bless you & continue to inspire you. May He make us Ruths for our Boaz in Jesus name, Amen!

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