Till We Find… Ep 03

Happy Sunday. I can’t believe it’s been more than a month already. To make up for the long, unannounced break, I decided to make this episode much longer. Catch up here. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?


It’s funny how you only remember scriptures when you’re sober and never in the thick of a temptation or problem… Never! Or how the best relationship advice comes from that person with a record-breaking number of failed relationships.

It’s like life just enjoys the irony of the puny human existence. Like how we might think we’re the smartest animals but we’re truly the weakest, perhaps even mentally; when you think about it.

I mean I love my wife. No doubt. But standing here in a long embrace with her seems to remind me of all the red flags that led up to this moment.

I mean it didn’t hurt me so much that she was jealous and insecure and she got physical. I didn’t think much of it really. Yes! So she hit me a couple of times. I’ve taken worse so…

Besides, I thought it was healthy for her to vent and who better than me? But to think she’d go so far as to accuse me of being unfaithful. That was the last straw….

Of all the things she could accuse me of, that! Really??

I mean you never really know a person but there are some things you can bet your last dime on. I guess she wasn’t willing to see it that way.

Oh and me noticing Akosua at work?

That was just step one of me going out of my way to make sure she had her wish. Silly…I know but that should just tell you how painful this was.

It was…. Sigh


He’s lost in thought. I know because he keeps sighing and his breathing is heavy.

I’ve never felt this vulnerable. And listening to his heartbeat as my head is on his chest, breaks me down even more.

I shouldn’t have hit him. It was bad enough that I accused him of cheating. I mean he could, but he wouldn’t. I know my Michael. I just couldn’t help it.

I didn’t want to believe that he truly got busy. I didn’t want to believe that the lipstick on his shirt was his childhood friend playing a prank on him like he said.

Oh God!

Is this how it feels to not want to lose someone?

I love you Michael, can’t you see?

I love you but you don’t show me enough. Honestly I don’t even know how else you can show me. You’re doing the best anyone can ever do to show me but it’s still not enough. I don’t even think I can do better.


What is all this? I love him… I just….


I’ve never seen her so shaken. Not even when she got a second class lower and she knew what her dad was going to do to her. I mean she could have gotten a first class with as much ease as taking a toothpick out of a container. And she would always breakdown when her father expressed his disappointment.

Yes she cried. I was there throughout the whole sermon.

I’ve seen her at her lowest and it’s never been like this.

This is just raw nerve. She’s crying and it’s so genuine. I can almost taste the remorse. She’s sorry. I know she is.

But why would she think I was cheating? It’s not like I don’t do my best at making her know she’s my one and only.

Lord knows I try. Heck, I’m doing the best job anyone can ever do.

So much for being married to your childhood friend. It’d be fun, they said.

So much for all the things they said…

I’m tired. I need a break. I can’t take all this any longer ….

But that would break her. She couldn’t ever recover…


I love you Michael….

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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