Till We Find… Ep 04

Annnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back. I’m just so excited that y’all aren’t even frontin’. To all those who sent messages, thank you. We’re back, finally! No more hiatuses!

We left off somewhere, catch up here if you’ve forgotten. If you’re new, a whole world awaits you. Dive in!

Let’s get to reading then, shall we?


I remember our first fight. This is the biggest misunderstanding we’ve had but the first seemed like our breaking point. And to think we fought over her saying “I love you” back. I felt entitled I know. But you have to understand, it feels awkward saying “I love you” and being left hanging. Its worse than being slapped in the face with a pan.

I had a whole plan. Why did she have to go off script? I’m livid.

But that’s what makes me love her. I don’t know what exactly that is.. But that’s what make me love her.


I don’t want to lose him. I don’t know what I’d do. Lord help me.

He’s been everything to me. This doesn’t fix things but at least it eases up the tension.

I’m glad. This is worse than our first fight. We’ve grown so much since then.

I love you Mike.


The worst is over. We got this!


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