My Prince of Peace ..

Heyyy guys!! Guess who’s back? This has got to be the longest unofficial break ever!! Im sorry and I’m back.Both of us on this blog are back.Together.Simultaneously.At the same time.😉 And hopefully for good!

To be honest,i wrote this piece some time ago but i contemplated not posting it,then i contemplated posting it then back to not posting get the picture right? But,it has to be said and so here we are.

So there was this day where things were just going really badly for me! There was a major situation that didn’t turn out as I had expected despite the effort I had put into it. It was just downhill from there. It was so bad that I didn’t even realise I had boarded the wrong troski. I was in a Taifa car when I was going to lapaz. The funny part was all the while I sat in the car the mate kept shouting taifa taifa but my troubled mind could just not process it. It wasn’t until the driver drove straight by at where he was supposed to take a turn that I realised I was in the wrong car. I managed to alight at the next bus stop with the mate apologising profusely, which was quite unusual of mates in Ghana and then proceeded to walk half of the journey back because I couldn’t get another car at where I alighted.Plus i was late for class. Yup! Things were just moving from bad to worse for me!

When I got back home, I made sure that I recounted the main problem to anyone who cared to listen or showed interest in that issue. But that just made me feel worse. You know how they say talking about a problem makes you feel better? It didn’t in this case. Not. At. All. I went from being sad, to being angry, to getting frustrated and then back to sad again in the space of five hours or so. I was at my wits end.

Finally, I decided to talk to Jesus about it. And I did. I told HIM about it, how I felt how I didn’t want to feel that way and how I was placing it in HIS Hands. When I was done, Boy! I felt this incredible peace! Im not exaggerating guys! I was just really peaceful. There have been moments in my life where I think ive tasted peace in situations or maybe I just really tried to ignore or forget the situation then. But this, this was different. I didn’t forget the issue at all, but whenever I thought about it I didn’t panic or feel sad. It was amazing.

What am I trying to say? You know the saying, go to the throne before you go to the phone? I promise you it didn’t just come about because its catchy or because it rhymes. It really is true. You’ll find so much peace when you go to God with any issue instead of running around telling everyone! Going to Jesus shouldn’t have been my last resort but my first point of call. And when you do go to Him just pour your heart out! I can’t guarantee that your problem will be solved instantly but I can guarantee that you’ll find peace, Great peace!

And for the icing on top of the cake, by the end of the day I was able to move out, came into contact with some people and by the time I was going to bed I had more than one solution to the problem! Isn’t God good?

I really hope this blesses you.

p.s: Don’t forget to share if it does!

~Nana Akua~

2 thoughts on “My Prince of Peace ..

  1. God bless You Dear.. May we continue to find peace in Him..God is Good.. And welcome back #ForGood🙏🏾👍🏾


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