Wilderness Traffic [Repost]

Happy Wednesday guys! So about a year ago, I wrote this post and I decided to bring it back for someone who needs to read this. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

The story about the Israelites in the Bible is a very fascinating one. Good people, wicked king, one saviour and a whole lot of drama between. Then the story continues; finally free, oppressor pursues, even more drama, some more drama, then finally, arrival at the promise land.

I learned quite recently that the journey from Egypt to Canaan should take the average person 11 days. That’s if you’re going on foot. Note; 11 days. Not months, not years, not even weeks. Days!

Guess how long they spent traveling to the place.

40 years. No like, let that sink in. 40 solid years. How many generations were born in the wilderness? Imagine that.

How does 11 days translate to 40 years? Traffic!

So here’s the thing. Sometimes it feels as if you’re ready for a particular gift or a situation or a promotion or even a particular person. It feels as if you’re ready for a particular position and everything points in that direction. But is it really??

11 days on the road wouldn’t have done the Israelites any good. Because even after 40 years, you’d think that they’d learnt enough to stick to God but no, they kept disobeying. They showed up at the gates of the Canaanites, a ready army; trained and disciplined. And you think 11 days would have done that? Bruh!

The wilderness was a place to build character and test their perseverance. As if Egypt wasn’t enough test for their perseverance already. But you see, Egypt was a punishment. So that didn’t count. It didn’t give them the opportunities that the wilderness did. It didn’t give them the freedom of choice that the wilderness offered. True, we decide what to make of our lives but certain situations blur our vision and make it seem as if we have just one choice to make.

I’m not saying that what you’re going through now is your punishment. Even if it is, it’s your learning curve. At best, learn from it.

Build character, strengthen ties, grow your faith, believe and just understand that this is just the purpose of wilderness traffic. Your peers may be making it big. They may seem way ahead but relax, it’s just wilderness traffic. What’s a Ferrari compared to a Picanto when the lights turn green? Because, maybe that’s where you’re going to be placed – in a Ferrari. So concerning yourself and rushing to go get “at least” a bicycle is laughable.

You may be qualified but you’re still in there because God wants that golden brown finish. He’s a God of perfection.

Whatever you think you deserve and don’t have, understand that delay isn’t denial and like that fancy quote, you’re just in some small wilderness traffic. The roads will clear soon enough and you’ll have it all to yourself. Enough space to flaunt that Ferrari.

Right now, it’s just a little wilderness traffic.

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we??

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