Happy Sunday Guys! Been a minute. I hope to keep this consistency and as such I’ll be keeping to only Sundays for posting. We (Nana Akua and I) will however like to hear from you so be sure to keep in touch on Social media. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?


I had a revelation at dawn on Saturday and it’s been on my mind all throughout.

My life in the past and my life now.

I remember so well how I sought help because I couldn’t decide whether radio was indeed my secular earthly purpose (if that’s what it’s called) or if it was something else. For months I battled and tossed it around in my mind. I mean I was, beyond any reasonable doubt, very good at it. But my struggle came from the fact that I had to play secular music. Even at that point, things were not as bad as they are now.

I used to pray about everything.

When I say everything, here’s what I mean. If I was sitting in a trotro, thirsty to the point of dying, I’d pray about which hawker to buy from and things usually worked out. If they didn’t, I always had the peace of God which surpasses all understanding. Like my group members would be fretting about not being prepared for a presentation, 5 minutes till class began and then here I’d be urging everyone to go ahead of me to class as I typed away the things we were gonna say to the class. I mean that wasn’t even “it”. You know? But at least then, I was still… Ok. I don’t know how I slipped up this much.

In SHS, I was …. Damn!!!!!

Singing in tongues, casting out demons, communing with angels and faith was being built constantly.

I was a radical believer.

I’m turning 21 in a few months and I’m here thinking to myself trying to figure out where it all went south.

I’m quiet now about the things I’d have confessed positivity about. I spoke things that weren’t as though they were.

Now, I try to rationalise everything. Who will it offend? Do I really need to speak out? Of course I have an opinion but the world doesn’t need to know it.

Look at people making a fool of themselves because they want to talk about everything.

Christ? Faith? Salvation?

Relax fam. I’m working on it. In my own time.
All the while, steadily retrogressing because “We wrestle not against flesh and blood”.

Enter the revelation from Saturday dawn.

We’re phasing in and out of the days as if nothing is at stake. Like nothing seems to be happening so we think it’s all fun and gay.

Years ago, the agenda was different. Now, we’re so blinded, the question isn’t,

“Did you wait till marriage?”.

The question is

“Can you date without sex?”

See how much the paradigm has shifted?

And I’ve just been thinking long and hard.

There are those of us who want to pray but something is holding us back. We want to read our Bible but there’s just something always getting in the way. We want to work for God but perhaps we start a bit then trail off because ‘more important’ things come up. We want to speak and live by faith but the way things are going, faith seems too… Tedious!

The economy is failing. Things are hard. Standards are falling and life is just moving on like there aren’t a million things to worry about already- fees, bills, Baby Mamas, Friday night chilling, data bundles… The things we’re seeing just don’t give you much vim

If you speak up for the things you want to see though… Don’t just shrug and sit down unconcerned. Don’t think this doesn’t affect you because I bet you, it does.

Whatever the case is, I hope that by close of today you break forth and take charge of your life speaking in the divine language and igniting the Glory of God. I hope that you continue walking by the Spirit long after you’ve gotten back on track.

I hope that this sits heavily on your conscience till you get right with God.

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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