Rise, Master!

Happy Sunday guys. I hope that as you read, this just does what it did to me as I wrote. Let’s get to reading then, shall we?

Uncle Sam is dead.

Wait what?



The questions just flashed through my head. It’s not like this was any new thing. My mom would tell me these kind of things but it was usually people I barely knew. Their memories danced just at the edge of my mind. My usual response would be “oh sorry” and then I’d shrug my shoulders and go about my way like nothing happened. Death had always been a seemingly distant event to me; it felt like something that was so far off. Like every time my mum announced someone’s death; that was how I saw it. It’s happened. Too bad but life must go on, right?

I knew we’d all die at a point but this? This was just….

This time was different. The words got caught in my throat. I began to wonder if my shoulders had always been this heavy. I stood grounded in the same spot for a couple of minutes. Memories raced through my mind. I remembered most of our time together like it was one big scene.

I gave him that name when we were kids, you know? Uncle Sam. Because he would only eat rice if he was convinced that it had the rice masters’ image on the packaging. There was a time when I had to remind him that his name was actually Freddie Daniels because he began writing Uncle Sam even on his exam paper.

He was complaining of chest pain. And when they took him to the hospital; he was gone.

By this time my face was wet. My heart sunk. It felt like that moment when you discover that the food you’d hidden in the fridge and had been thinking about all day has been eaten, but it was worse than that.

I zoned out; thinking about everything and nothing in particular. So many things were happening, yet nothing really was.

The only question I could ask was why. We’d spoken only a couple of days ago. He was telling me about this new girl he’d seen on campus. He was supposed to come around today so we’d just play FIFA and talk about the girl. I’d already told him to focus on his project work because he was in his final year but we always spoke about these things in person despite going back and forth through text.

He was……

Words are failing me. At this point everything is slowly falling apart; one layer at a time. It’s hard to breathe and even harder to concentrate on one thing. Everything feels rushed yet it’s going by really slowly.

The pain. I can feel it. I want to touch it and see just how bad it is but I can’t. It’s in my chest. Maybe it’s just my ventricles that are clogged. It feels deeper than that though. Uncle Sam.


If ever there was a time I badly needed a miracle, this would be top 2 and it wouldn’t be number 2.

I begin to question everything and still have no questions to ask. Everything makes no sense yet it kinda does. When you think about it and stop halfway.

I don’t know.

God! Help!

Can you please bring back Uncle Sam?



For anyone going through any sort of pain, I hope you find relief. Death changes perspectives and more often that not is life’s way of serving you a reality check. I hope you’re able to dig into that pain and impact the world.

Thanks for making it thus far. Let’s meet in the comment section then, shall we?

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