Review of Dear Future Wife Video

A stunning representation of a brilliantly put together piece of poetry; putting it mildly, that is... The poetic display was refreshing to say the least. The deep baritone voice, the smooth, synth background music; it was simply… Splendid! Nicely Done. And I felt a part of the video from start to finish. From the props used to the camera angles to the transitions; everything was just enough to feel a part of the video.

Happy Sunday guys! So soon, we've come to the end of the first quarter. Time flies when you're blogging. Been two months already since the start of this blog. This review is my wedding gift to Benjamin Anyan. Albeit it's coming late. Let's get to reading then, shall we? Review by: Kobby Elikem Item: http://www.goldinwords.comContinue reading

Tryphena’s Blog

Happy Sunday guys! All too soon, March has ended. Today being the last Sunday of the month, you know what it means. We're reviewing Tryphena's blog. Check it out over here can't get a logo for it so I'll just make do with her picture. Apologies to everyone I disappointed when I didn't post on Wednesday. Unfortunately it's … Continue reading Tryphena’s Blog