Hard Guy So I no Dey Hear

Happy Sunday Guys. This week has been very tiring and awesome. Belated happy birthday to Jude Captain Lartey and his big sister. This week is special for me because I made a really big decision. Anyway, Ten thoughts is now officially part of Blogging GH. Next week, we're reviewing the Gold In Words blog. Trust … Continue reading Hard Guy So I no Dey Hear

When The Journey Becomes…

Happy Easter guys. This week, I'm particularly excited. Because we reached a milestone. 1.2k views, in just 2 months. Greatness! Belated happy birthday to Susanna Nkansah. I've been led to share this post, especially because it's Easter. And also because someone out there needs to read this story. Your testimony is in there somewhere. Let's … Continue reading When The Journey Becomes…

Rebound Guy

Happy Wednesday Guys! Well this post is coming on the back of the just finished series. To all the silent readers, I see you. Ghislaine Matsakawo, thank you for the support. To all the new readers, welcome. Let's get to reading then, shall we? Isn’t it rather ironic that the people we’d love with all … Continue reading Rebound Guy

5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 13[Finale]

Happy Wet Palm Sunday guys. I'm super excited because I've had lots of response from you guys and it's gingered me to write ever so consistently. Today's episode happens to be the finale but cheer up, more posts to come. Belated happy birthday to Nana Esi Aidoo. This one is dedicated to all the consistent … Continue reading 5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 13[Finale]

5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 12

Happy Sunday guys. And Happy Belated April fool's. Just a quick reminder that the story is gonna come to a close a bit more quickly than i had anticipated. It's sad i know but, life is like that. Happy belated birthday to all the Facebook people who celebrated their birthday within the week, especially those … Continue reading 5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 12

Tryphena’s Blog

Happy Sunday guys! All too soon, March has ended. Today being the last Sunday of the month, you know what it means. We're reviewing Tryphena's blog. Check it out over here can't get a logo for it so I'll just make do with her picture. Apologies to everyone I disappointed when I didn't post on Wednesday. Unfortunately it's … Continue reading Tryphena’s Blog

5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 10 & 11

Happy Sunday guys. First of all, I'm sorry for failing to post on Wednesday. School pressure got to me this time, you know. So in order to make up for that, I'm giving you guys two episodes today[Just between us, the series will end pretty soon... Like pretty pretty soon😭😥]. Three kpozas for me😂😂😂... These … Continue reading 5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 10 & 11

5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 09

Happy Sunday guys. I really don't have much to say. Except to express my profound gratitude to the avid readers of the blog who make up the ten thoughts family. You guys rock. This episode goes out to you. Be sure to tell someone about the growing family yh? If you missed the previous episode, … Continue reading 5 Ass. 3 Reb. Ep 09