Review of Dear Future Wife Video

A stunning representation of a brilliantly put together piece of poetry; putting it mildly, that is... The poetic display was refreshing to say the least. The deep baritone voice, the smooth, synth background music; it was simply… Splendid! Nicely Done. And I felt a part of the video from start to finish. From the props used to the camera angles to the transitions; everything was just enough to feel a part of the video.


Acceptance… Divine Acceptance!

Happy Wednesday peeps! It's wonderful to keep coming your way week after week. Oh and Belated Happy New month too! Here's to all my silent readers and the ones who PM me when there's been silence on the blog for a while. You guys are the real MVP'S. Thank you so much. I'm happy to … Continue reading Acceptance… Divine Acceptance!

The Art of Spending

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm back! Did you miss me? Of course you did. Lol... Thanks for holding out the door for me. My return is not glorious without you. Work took me away a while but I'm back and school will be resuming soon. Let's just hope for the best ok? Bless! I wrote this back in … Continue reading The Art of Spending

Sinner & Saint

Happy Sunday my pipo. Again, I'm really sorry for not being able to post on Wednesday. Someway, somehow things keep coming up. Pardon me. Belated happy birthday to Dorcas Dameh, Gideon Assan and Judy-Anne Darko-Nyarko (who inspired this story). Let's get to reading then, shall we? Kwamena had a problem with everything. E-VE-RY-THING! And his … Continue reading Sinner & Saint

Before the Final Stage

Happy Sunday Guys! I'm glad we are meeting again today. Apologies for failing to post on Wednesday. Let's just say, time flew too fast. Anyway, on to today's post. Let's get to reading then, shall we? Joel Embiid is nicknamed "The Process" or more elaborately "Trust The Process." With a style of play and story … Continue reading Before the Final Stage

Single, Married & Complicated

Happy Wednesday guys! First of all, I'm sorry for not posting on Sunday. I can officially say now that I have a phone problem. Not that it's going to stop me but it might affect posting for a while. Happy birthday in advance to Henrietta Nortey and Naana Asabea Tanor. Nowadays looks like everyone's talking … Continue reading Single, Married & Complicated

Changes As I grow

Happy Wednesday Guys! I'm glad to put up a post. The way the days are speeding by these days is crazy. It was last Wednesday, just a couple of days ago. Anyway, a bunch of birthday celebrants and I want to wish them a Belated Happy Birthday: Kingsley Larbi, Dickson Elikplim Afetsi, Frema Freda and … Continue reading Changes As I grow